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It is starting to become an annual tradition with Essie to release some new additions to the Luxeffects line of polishes.  In 2011, Essie came out with the first set of these amazing glitter bombs, something that was unseen from them to that point.  They added an additional polish in 2012 and now, in 2013, there are two brand new Luxeffect polishes and I have those to show you today.


Jazzy Jubilant falls right in line with most of the previous Luxeffect polishes and is an awesome mix of multi-sized hex glitters in a clear base.  This is the first of the Luxeffect polishes that is multi-coloured and has silver, teal, purple, blue and pink glitters.

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The formula of Jazzy Jubilant was great.  Very easy to apply and the glitter was dense enough that I only needed one thicker coat dabbed onto the nail for a great look.  (Shown above is one coat dabbed over Essie Full Steam Ahead)


Sparkle On Top is an iridescent flakie polish but unlike it’s predecessor, Shine of the Times, it does not change colour when placed over a coloured polish.  I have to say that I was a little disappointed in this polish because it is a bit on the boring side and after discontinuing Shine of the Times, I thought this was the replacement.


The different sizes of these glitter shards makes it a little harder to apply because I wanted to ensure that I got all of the sizes but it seemed that those bigger flakes are very sparse.  Like most of the polishes in the Luxeffect line, this is best applied using the dab method.  (Shown above is two coats over Essie Where’s My Chauffeur?)

Overall, I love Jazzy Jubilant and think that the colours are unique in a chunky glitter and it looks great over so many colours that you really should add it to your collection.  Sparkle On Top is a let down and unless you are a diehard fan of the pearly shimmers, I would give it a pass.

The Essie Luxeffect polishes are available at most drugstores and are the same price as all polishes in Essie’s line ($8)

3 thoughts on “Essie | Luxeffects (New)

  1. The second polish you showed is so hard to apply evenly. I find I only ever get the little specks and once in a while a big speck happen to come out. Love the first one though but once again would love it more in my nails hehe

  2. I couldn’t get my hands on Shine of the Times and got really excited when I saw this polish… big fat bummer and I’m not even going to pick it up.

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