Spa Ritual | Arroyo

Happy Friday!  We got a slight dumping of snow last night and I have to tell you, fresh fallen snow makes me so happy.  The world just seems more calm and brighter and like a happier place… is it just me who feels this way?

Today I have a gorgeous winter polish to show off.  When I think of winter polishes, anything with a more dusty/grey-toned colour comes to mind.  It’s like moving into the pastels of spring without jumping with both feet!


Arroyo by Spa Ritual is a muted dusty rose creme polish with a brilliant gold shimmer.

arroyo3 arroyo2

The formula on this polish is amazing!  I haven’t tried a lot of Spa Ritual polishes but from the ones that I have, it seems like the formulas are all very nice across the board.  While I did two coats for the swatch, I think you could easily get away with one thicker coat and not see any nail line.  Arroyo applies like butter and the shimmer is so apparent on the nail that it made my heart sing.  This polish does tend to dry more on the matte/semi-matte side, so you will want to add a glossy topcoat to bring out the sparkle.

Spa Ritual is available online through Nail Polish Canada for $13.25 per bottle.


Illamasqua | Melange

Happy Tuesday!  I spent the entire night binge watching The Killing… it’s like a new job!  I must watch all the episodes!!  CNN was also on in the background because I am a disaster junkie and felt the need to keep on top of the ‘Blizzard of the Century’ that was happening in the North East US.  Were you affected?

Today I have a stunning Illamasqua polish that I purchased after seeing the blogging genius Kellie Gonzo swatched it.  When Kellie shows a polish, I feel all the needs and wants to make it my own… despite the cost of bringing the beauty to my home!


Melange by Illamasqua is a teal creme full of gold and reddish brown shimmer.

melange3 melange2

The formula on this polish is stunning.  Almost fully opaque in one, very easy to apply, coat.  The teal does darken a little on the second coat so I would definitely say that you will want to do two coats for the full beauty to shine through.  This polish dries to a matte finish so you will want to add a nice glossy top coat to add sparkle and shine to an already amazing polish.

Illamasqua polishes are only available in the UK but can be purchased through their website, which ships Internationally, for $14.50 (pretend that was a pound sign and not a dollar sign)


China Glaze Road Trip Collection | Part One, The Shimmers

Sorry for my absence, once again but I took a tumble down the stairs last Sunday and have been slow to recover my swatching/sitting ability!  In the craziness, I also broke (badly) the nail on the middle finger of my swatching hand… BOOOOO!  Back up and sort of running now so let’s get back to the bloggin, shall we?!

Today I have the first four polishes of the China Glaze Road Trip collection which is the 2015 Spring collection.  These are the shimmer polishes and I have to say, the formulas leave a lot to be desired.  While the colours are just what I wanted and the shimmer is apparent on the nail (more in person than on camera), I found that all four needed three coats and some were four or possibly even more.

First up is Pack Lightly, a light coral pink with a pinky gold shimmer.  The formula on this polish was rough; thin and streaky, patchy and gloopy.  I needed four coats plus some manipulation to get full coverage and then it was thick to the point of not drying.


Next up is Dashboard Dreamer, a beautiful pale blue with a pinky gold shimmer.  The formula on this polish was much nicer and easily opaque in three coats.  I found that application was still somewhat challenging but the layers built on themselves easier than with Pack Lightly.


This is Wanderlust, a pink toned lilac with that same pinky gold shimmer.  The formula on this was similar to that of Dashboard Dreamer in that it was easily opaque in three coats but still has some streaky patches in the first two coats.  It layers nicely though so you can get a smooth finish.


Last up is Sun’s Up Top Down, a bright yellow with a pinky gold shimmer.  The formula on this was horrible.  I found it streaky and patchy and the layers didn’t play well with themselves.  I needed four coats to get as opaque as the swatch shows and even then, in person, it still looks patchy and the overall look was thick and goopy.


Not going to lie, I am not excited about swatching the remaining polishes in this collection but have heard that they are somewhat easier to work with.  Stay tuned for those coming soon.

China Glaze is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.49 per bottle.


piCture pOlish | Sunset

It’s FRIDAY!  Even though I am beyond tired today, I can’t complain because Friday is the best day of the week!  Maybe those with kids can sympathize but my seven-year old decided that he needed to get up at 3:30 this morning to play video games.  Thankfully he asked us before heading down because he would have been a zombie when we woke up for work!  Shhhesh!

Today I have nice, bright, perfect for summer polish to show off.  No, it’s not seasonally appropriate but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it, does it?  I was just feeling the brights!


Sunset by piCture pOlish is a vibrant coral crelly polish that has a strong orange tone.  This one practically glows in the dark it’s so bright.

The formula on this polish is a little sheer but builds up really nicely.  It dries to a semi-matte finish so I used three thin coats plus top coat for the swatches.  As for wear time, we all know that neons/brights have a horrible wear time and this one is, sadly, no different.  I had a full nail chip off within 12 hours wear-time but let’s be serious, she’s a stunner so I will continue to show her some love.

piCture pOlish is an Australian brand available on their website or you can purchase them from Nail Polish Canada and indie e-tailers like Harlow & Co and Llarowe for $15.00 per bottle.


A England | Dancing With Nureyev

Happy Thursday… almost the end of the week and that means we are one week closer to DISNEY WORLD!  Yep, our family trip is in just over a month and I am seriously ready for the warmth of Florida to be upon my face!

Today I have a polish from my newest love, A England.  I discovered this brand back in 2013 when I first started my indie/International polish journey but it wasn’t until late November that I became a devoted fan!  I am seriously over the moon with all the polishes and formulas and they are BLISSFUL!


Dancing With Nureyev by A England is a scattered holographic blue with a touch of purple.

dancingwithnureyev3 dancingwithnureyev2

The formula on this polish, like most A England polishes, is phenomenal!  PHENOMENAL!  It’s basically a one-coater with a super buttery formula.  I used two coats plus top coat thinking that the colour would deepen but it wasn’t really necessary!  No joke, this polish is so gorgeous and amazing that I want everything A England makes that is like it.

A England is available online via their website or through Nail Polish Canada and most indie e-tailers like Harlow & Co and Llarowe for $12.50 a bottle.


OPI | My Gecko Does Tricks & Is Mai Tai Crooked?

Happy Tuesday!  There was a power outage at work today so we all left early!  WAHOO… never a complaint when you get some free time off in the afternoon.  The sun is shining brightly but it’s extremely cold so I am bundled under a warm blanket, sipping a hot chocolate and watching old school movies (today’s choice is Deep Impact).

Today I have two polishes from the OPI Spring Summer Hawaii collection.  As a whole, I think this is a great, well put together, collection and the names of the polishes are amazing!  I just love the effort that OPI puts into naming colours and I sometimes find myself lusting after colours just for the names alone.


Is Mai Tai Crooked? by OPI is a peachy/orange creme polish.  The colour of this borders right on the line of being a pastel orange and a tangerine and is perfect for Spring.

The formula of this polish is very nice and smooth.  It seemed to have that perfect creme application that I love, where it’s thin without being runny and thick without being gloopy.  I used two coats plus top coat for the swatch.


My Gecko Does Tricks by OPI is a bright lime green with a frosted metallic finish.  This also have a slight duo chrome that flashes from green to tan in certain lights.

mygeckodoestricks3 mygeckodoestricks2

The formula on this polish was a little more tricky to work with.  It was on the thinner side and a little brush-strokey so you definitely need an easy hand when applying it.  I suggest making sure that each stroke is straight as this helps eliminate a funny looking finish (or I am told you can sponge on the top layer as well).  I used three coats plus top coat for the swatch.

Overall, as I mentioned, I really like the Hawaii collection and will be ordering up some of the others once the collection is for sale starting in early February.

OPI is available at most professional salons including Sally Beauty Supply for $9 per bottle.


Deborah Lippmann | Harlem Nocturn

Happy Monday!  It’s actually balmy out today, well for a hot second because the deep freeze will be back tomorrow with -30 degree windchills.  Brrrr!

Today I am showing off a polish that has been sitting in my swatch folder forever.  It’s one that I picked up after swatching it at Sephora and deciding that I neeeeeeded it!  Come on, admit it, we have all been there!


Harlem Nocturn by Deborah Lippmann is a metallic polish that borders on the line between blue and purple.  I would say it could even be called a periwinkle.


The formula on this polish is hit or miss for me.  If you use a nice thick coat and only do a three-stroke method, you are good to go as this is a one-coat wonder.  However, if you do any overlap at all, it can pull polish from the already painted areas and create a whole lotta mess.  For a metallic, there were very few brushstrokes which made me happy and this wore okay, about 36 hours before chips and tip wear.

Would I buy it again… HECK NO!  Not worth the price tag for the way it applies!

Deborah Lippmann polishes are available at Sephora for $18 – $22 per bottle.