Loaded Lacquer | A Double Shot of Sriracha

Happy (belated) Canada Day!  I really wanted to get up a good Canada Day mani but my LOOOONG weekend turned into a ‘working’ weekend.  If you are following me on Instagram, you may have seen the pictures of my son’s new room but if not, we are getting new carpet towards the end of the month and desperately trying to get all of our rooms repainted so we don’t have to worry about protecting the carpet so it was a LONG and HOT weekend of painting for me.  As a result, my nails are WHACK and I am going to be working on recouping them in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for some serious nubbins.

Today, however, I have a mani that I haven’t posted about and is a pre-nub one so you get some nicer nails :)  Of course, the polish that I am showing off today is another Loaded Lacquer polish because I seriously can’t get enough of this brand.


Double Shot of Sriracha by Loaded Lacquer is a deep red jelly polish with an amazing linear holographic shimmer.  I am not a sushi fan (more so because it gives me the oogies than anything else) but I just love the colour of this jelly and it makes it look HOT and spicy!

doubleshot3 doubleshot2

For the swatches in this post I used three coats and achieved full opacity which is exactly what Heather’s jellies are famous for… they squishy opaque finishes.  The coats were super easy to apply and the formula was thick enough to make application a breeze but not so thick that they layers pull on each other.  The holographic shimmer in more scattered when indoors but as soon as your nails hit the sunshine… BAM… linear all the way!

Double Shot of Sriracha is part of the Sushi Bar Collection that was released earlier this year and is Loaded Lacquers newest collection.  As per Heather’s Facebook page, she is waiting on new labels before doing a restock so you may have to stalk her re-stock page for news on her upcoming restocks.

Loaded Lacquer is available online and is $10 per bottle.

Duri Rejuvacote First Impressions

Today I have a little bit of a different post for you because I want to share with you some first impressions of a nail treatment that I was provided (by Nail Polish Canada) for review.

Duri Rejuvacote is a Nail Growth System that is ‘known to heal split, cracked, damaged nail within a few weeks’.  It will help you get healthy, stronger in nails in just a few weeks.

One of the claims that I read on the side of the box is that it really helps to heal natural nails after they have had acrylic or gel nails applied and since I had gels not that long ago, I thought it would be a perfect time to test it out!


First Impressions

After reading the instructions (yes, I read them), I painted one coat on to my clean, unpolished nails and allowed to dry.  I then went ahead and applied my colour polish and topped it with my normal fast dry top coat (HK Girl by Glisten & Glow) and then added a top coat of the Rejuvacote.  The instructions said to use the Rejuvacote as a top coat but I was afraid of it’s drying power so wanted my fast dry topper on just in case.  As it turns out, the Rejuvacote dries fairly quickly and has a decent shine so I think I could go without it in the future.

Once the entire manicure was dry, my nails started hurting… have you ever had ‘fake’ nails and gotten that pain/burn/sting on the day of?  Well if you have, that is the exact feeling.  Seriously, I was at the point where I was ready to take the entire mani off and redo it using my normal base coat but decided to give it a little while and, thankfully, about an hour later the feeling was minimal and by the morning there was no pain/sting/burn at all.  At this point I am not sure if this reaction is because I had thinner nails due to the gels or if it was just my nails or if this is a common reaction but either way, it sucked!

The instructions are very similar to Nail Envy by OPI in that you add an additional top coat of the Rejuvocote every day for seven days and then remove the entire manicure and start again.  I change my polish way too often for this but I will continue using it and check in with the results in a week and let you know more of my thoughts then!

Loaded Lacquer | Get Lei’d

Happy Friday… oh wait… maybe it’s just Friday for me!!  I have taken an extra long weekend and will be off work from tomorrow through Tuesday to celebrate Canada Day… WAHOO!!

In keeping with my usual types of posts, I am bringing you yet another indie nail polish and it is from a brand that we are very familiar with here on Sparkly Tips… Loaded Lacquer.  It takes a lot for me to wear a polish more than once in a very short period of time because I have so many polishes that I am constantly trying new ones out so I knew that Get Lei’d from the Hula Girl collection was a jem as I was applying it for the THIRD time since I picked it up this Spring.


Get Lei’d by Loaded Lacquer is a bright orange jelly polish with a magenta shimmer.  This polish seriously makes my natural nails look like they are way longer than they actually are… I don’t know how it happens, I blame the magic that Heather uses when she creates her polishes.


The formula of Get Lei’d is a little thick but because it is a jelly polish, I really think that the thicker formula works well for application.  I used three coats for full opacity and it dries to a super squishy looking jelly nail.  The shimmer isn’t super obvious on the nail and you can really only see it in natural sun or daylight and if you are moving your nails around but it is definitely exactly what you see in the bottle… GORGEOUS!

Loaded Lacquer is available online and is $10 per bottle.  Make sure you keep an eye on Heather’s upcoming release/restock page so you can always be up-to-date on when the polishes you want will next be available!

Polish Me Silly | Eye Candy

Happy Monday… Hope that you all had an amazing weekend.  We had one day of fantastic sunshine and then a day of blah which is okay with me… still haven’t turned on that A/C!

As we approach the middle of June I have started to pull out my super bright nail polishes because summer is the best time of year to bust out those neons and ubber brights!

Today I am showing you yet another indie polish, do you see a theme going on here, and it is from the brand Polish Me Silly with was formerly Lush Lacquer (just in case you were unfamiliar with the name or unaware that there had been a change).


Eye Candy by Polish Me Silly is a clear based neon glitter topper with all sorts of shapes, including stars, and colours so super bright and summery.  I think that this looks like a neon rainbow on your nails and think that it is a fantastic topper.

eyecandy2 eyecandy3

Eye Candy is a super dense glitter and it easily provided all of the neon awesomeness to my white nail polish in one swipe.  I did end up doing two coats for the swatch because I wanted to add as many stars as I could.  You don’t really need to fish around for the glitters but if you are anal like me, you will want stars on all the fingers!

The new summer neon collection from Polish Me Silly is made with slightly less vibrant glitters than the previous collections but that allows you to use these over all sorts of base colours and still get that bright pop of glitter… best part, you can wear them over black!  WAHOOO!!!

Polish Me Silly can be purchased through their Etsy site for $7.50 a bottle and right now you can use the coupon code ‘Lindsay10′ and receive a 10% discount on your order.

Polish by Jessica Jean | Watermelon Frosting

A cold front rolled in the other night and since then the weather has been amazing… and by amazing, I mean that I have been able to wear flip flops and a sweatshirt (oh, and capris) which is my ideal type of summer outfit.  I don’t really do the heat very well so if it could be cool enough to keep the windows open but still wear my flip flops to work, I am one happy camper!

If you have been watching my YouTube videos lately (and if not… GET ON IT) you will have noticed that I have been stock piling the indie polishes like no other.  I just love how creative and different they are and some of my favourite YTers are also hardcore indie lovers and VERY bad influences (cough Jess cough).  All that to say that you will start to see a very clear pattern in the polishes that show up on here… there will be a lot of indies vs. mainstream.

Today I am showing you one of my new recent obsessions and that is the ‘Frosting’ collection by Polish by Jessica Jean.  I was introduced to these polishes by Jess from JessFace90 and it has been a very slippery slope!


Watermelon Frosting by Polish by Jessica Jean is a white crelly polish with larger bright pink matte circle glitters, medium pink hexes, smaller mid tone green hexes, black squares and a neon green shimmer.  Watermelon is one of my favourite fruits for the summer so when Jessica made this polish I knew that it was a must for the season!

watermelon3 watermelon2

The formula on Watermelon Frosting was nice and opaque.  I used three coats for the swatches above and used a fast dry top coat for a super shiny finish.  There was some issues with getting the bigger circle glitters and it required some fishing but if you leave the polish upside down for about 10 minutes before using it, you can easily grab them.

Polish by Jessica Jean is available on Etsy for $8 a bottle.  At this time, she only ships to the US but if we bug her enough, maybe we can convince her that some International shipping is in order!

Loaded Lacquer | Wasabi With You?

I know… no need to tell me that I have been a craptastic blogger, I get it!  I have to give those who blog on a regular basis some mad props because it seriously takes some major time from your schedule, more so than I was even aware of.  So, I have decided to come back and not pressure myself to do posts every single day but instead, do posts a couple of times a week.

For my ‘welcome back’ post, I am featuring a brand new polish from my number one polish maker, Loaded Lacquer.  Heather recently released her summer collection called The Sushi Bar Collection and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of her swatchers so she kindly sent me the entire collection.  I have what is possibly my favourite from the four polishes (it was hard to pick) and I also think this one is perfect for summer!


Wasabi With You? by Loaded Lacquer is a clear based polish with multi-sized holographic teal hex glitters and neon green square glitters.  I absolutely love the combo of the teal and neon green because these colours seem to contrast against each other perfectly and just pop off the nail.


For this swatch, I drew inspiration from Amy over at PolishEtc (or McPolish on Instagram) and opted to layer Wasabi With You? over both Coconut and Island Punch which are part of the Jiggles collection also available from Loaded Lacquer.  This was seriously an awesome combination!

Wasabi With You? is a great one coat glitter topper and I found that the formula was thick enough that it applied easily without making you wait days for it to dry.  I don’t think you could get this one opaque on it’s own without having your mani be too thick and impossible to work with but I would challenge you to give it a shot and send me a picture!  I bet it would be stunning!

Loaded Lacquer polishes are available online at www.loadedlacquer.com and cost $10 a bottle.  Check out the new ‘Restock‘ page to see when the polishes will next be available for purchase.

Nicole by OPI | Roughles Collection

It’s going to come as no surprise that I am and have been a huge fan of textured nail polishes since the beginning of the trend… I am over the moon that these are still going strong!  This spring, Nicole by OPI releases a brand new, 4-piece, collection called the Roughles.  According to the press release…

Roughles go on like regular polish, but dry to a speckled, textured finish. We recommend you skip the top coat to keep your mani in its original matte state, but if gloss is the name of your game, feel free lay down a clear coat!


The Roughles collection has four pastel colours that, to me, are the most unique of all the textured polishes that have been released to date.  Each is speckle with similar colours of speckled glitter and dries to a matte finish.


I’m Stucco On You is a purple base with red and blue speckles.  I applied two easy coats for full opaque coverage and the dry time was fairly decent; dry to the touch in just a few minutes and completely dry in about 15-20 minutes.


Sand In My Shoe is a yellow base with reddish orange speckles.  Again, two coats for a full opaque coverage and similar dry time.  I love the contrast of the two colours against each other and think this one is the most unique of the four.


Rock the Look is a pink base with red and purple speckles.  Two coats for a fully opaque coverage and the dry time was really similar to the other polishes.  The speckles in this one are the least obvious as the colours are similar to one another but it’s still a unique colour in my collection so definitely a must-have.


On What Grounds? is a teal base with bright blue and black speckles.  Two coats for full opacity and dry time was great.  I LOVE this one and think it looks just like ice cream.

Overall, I LOVE this collection and really wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite.  I think that all of these colours are unique when it comes to textured polish and while I am not normally a fan of the matte textures, the speckles in these make them really stand out on the nail.  These are PERFECT for spring and Easter!

Roughles are available at most major retailers and cost $10.99 a bottle.