OPI | Nordic Collection Polishes

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”  Too early?  Well apparently Mother Nature decided that it wasn’t and if you have been watching CNN and seen what is happening in Buffalo (a mere 2 1/2 hours away), it’s like the end of the world!

Press Sample

Today I have three more polishes from the OPI Nordic collection for you.  As with all of the OPI collections, I run out and pick up the ones that I feel are must-haves and then as the season wears on, I end up grabbing more and more because review and swatches are all over the place and, well… I’m a hoarder!

First up is Viking in a Vinter Vonderland, which honestly, BEST NAME EVER!  This one is a deep purple cream polish with a fabulous formula.  It is dark but still looks purple in all lights and doesn’t change to that black look.


Next up is Thank Glogg it’s Friday, another killer name, and it is a frosty berry polish with a magenta shimmer.


The formula on this is really nice and went on easily in two coats.  I generally do not like the frosty polishes because of the look and the application but this was really a gem.  The final look is really pretty and I just love the shimmer!

thankgloggitsfriday3 thankgloggitsfriday2

The final polish is My Voice is a Little Norse which is a silver holographic micro glitter in a very light grey jelly base.


The formula on this was really nice, a little thick but easy to use.  I was taken back by the tinted jelly base as it totally looks like a clear-based polish in the bottle but I LOOOOVE it!  It makes the polish totally opaque in just three coats and the shimmer is just stunning and super sparkly!

Press Sample

OPI is available in most professional salons, including Sally Beauty Supply, for $9 per bottle.  The Nordic collection is limited edition but should be available most places.


China Glaze | Boundary of Memory

Happy Hump Day (giggles)!  I am getting so excited for the weekend because I will be heading into Toronto (it’s only 40 mins away) to IMATS.  While that is exciting in itself, I will be meeting up with Holly (MissHollyBerries), Jess (JessFace90) and Zenorah (ZenNetwork) and I am beyond giddy!  If you are in the TO area and want to meet up… let me know!

Today I have a polish that I have had swatched for a while but never seemed to blog about it.  It is from the China Glaze Giver collection that was released at the beginning of fall.


Boundary of Memory by China Glaze is a clear base micro glitter polish (which China Glaze is becoming famous for) with black, copper and white micro glitters.

boundaryofmemory2 boundaryofmemory3

The formula on this polish is great… nice and dense and easily opaque in just two thicker coats.  I don’t think that these are intended to be textured polishes but the natural finish is gritty and a little dull so I would suggest adding a nice shiny top coat to get the full sparkly effect.

China Glaze is available from Sally Beauty Supply for $6.49 per bottle.  The Giver collection was limited edition so you may want to check the clearance section of your store or head to an e-tailer (Head2Toe Beauty or 8ty8beauty) to grab this baby.


A England | Rose Bower

Brrrr… the wind chill is MINUS 17 degrees (Celsius) this morning and I couldn’t even get my car unlocked using the magic door button – had to pull out my actual key fob (I’m such a princess).  Glad I made it to the store and grabbed a winter coat last night because my hoodie wouldn’t be working so well today.

Today I have a polish that I was able to pick up for free from Nail Polish Canada as I had enough points.  I always seem to save up my points and grab the more high end or indie polishes because that seems to make it a bigger bang for my ‘buck’.


Rose Bower by A England is a bright berry red with a holographic shimmer running through it.

rosebower3 rosebower2

The formula on this polish is OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing!  If you haven’t tried any A England polishes before, you must.  All of the ones that I have tried are one-coat wonders and you get full pigmentation, full coverage and FULL AWESOME every single time.  The holographic shimmer in this is stunning and seems to look like fire on the nails!  IN LOVE!

A England is a UK company but you are able to purchase their polishes on Nail Polish Canada as well as Indie e-tailers like Harlow & Co and Llarowe.  Polishes are $13 per bottle.


KB Shimmer | Spot Sign

Happy Monday!  We have a winter wonderland outside and while I am so happy to see snow, it feels like this is the start of a LOOOONG winter to come!  Best get my butt to the store and get a winter jacket.

Today I have a new KB Shimmer topper to show off to you.  As you will see by the length of my nails, I have had this swatch in my to-post pile for a while now (man I miss my long nails).


Spot Sign by KB Shimmer is a glitter topper with a ‘new to the polish world’ shape of glitter, cheetah print!  This is a clear based polish with a bunch of matte black glitters and holographic shimmer.

spotsign3 spotsign2

The formula on this polish was a little tricky and required quite a bit of fishing to get the chunky glitters out but I really liked the end look.  It needs to be said that the cheetah glitters are also large and don’t bend on the nail so be prepared for some edges that stick up off the nails.

Overall, I like this but I don’t love it… it looks nice and unique but I don’t think think the super chunky glitters are for me, especially when they pop off the nail as I tend to pick at them and then pull them off throughout the day.

KB Shimmer is available on their website (US Only) and Harlow & Co (International) for $9 per bottle.


Loving Nails Beyond the Tips

First off… I am trying to make a come back after a bout of serious sinusitis and basically being laid flat out for 4 straight days.  The fall and winter (basically the cold weather) has hit us hard this week and I am hoping that it kills whatever germs are around.  Feeling better each day so it’s time to bring the blogging back!

Today I have an ‘outside the box’ post where I am going to talk about three items that I thoroughly enjoy that still revolve 100% around nails and nail art.


First up is Nail’d It which is a show on Oxygen all about nails and nail art!  In fact, it’s a weekly competition show where some of the industries most amazing nail artists battle in out for the chance to win $10,000/week and $100,000 as a grand prize.

Sadly, this show is not available in Canada, or at least in my neck of the woods, so I have turned to my BFF, YouTube, and been watching online.  It is DA BOMB!!!


The second item is the Nail It! Magazine which is published bi-monthly and is full of amazing nail art, nail care tips, pictures and articles all dedicated to everything nails and polish.  My favourite feature every month is the Instgram section where everyday nail art fans have their artwork showcased!  It is so fun to see nails that I ‘know’ and recognize… it’s like knowing someone who is famous!

Lastly, let’s mention #nailglossip!  Yep, it’s a hashtag… no, it’s not JUST a hashtag, it’s a bi-weekly Twitter chat that is hosted by three of the hottest nail gals, Michelle of All Lacquered Up, Jen of The Polishaholic and Sarah of Chalkboard Nails.

Every other Sunday at 9:00pm EST (the next chat is this coming Sunday, November 16th) a great group of nail enthusiasts gather around their phone/computer and chat about all things nails… anything from indie to mainstream, nail art to naked nails.  It’s a great place to learn new techniques and meet people with the same passion as you!

So, as you can see… being into nails and nail polish doesn’t have to stop at painting.  There are some awesome mediums that you can enjoy curled up on your couch and get some new ideas for your future painting sessions.


China Glaze | Capacity to See Beyond

A-Choo!  It’s definitely cold season but I am still trucking so that has to be an accomplishment!  Normally colds floor me and I need my bed, a hot cup of tea and a good book but I have been putting on my big girl panties and making it to work everyday… WIN!

Today I have a polish from the limited edition China Glaze Giver collection to show off.  There were only a few of the polishes that I really needed to have as part of my collection (I don’t even know if I can say that with a straight face… I NEED?!?!) and most were the glitters but this bright polish stood out too much for me to pass up.


Capacity to See Beyond is a gorgeous bright sky/aqua blue creme polish.  The formula on this is so awesome for the bright creme that it is.  I used two, very easy to apply, coats and it’s pretty dang opaque.

While this is a brighter polish, I think that it’s a great pop of colour for the fall and winter because who can’t use a bit of bright during the darker dreary days?

China Glaze is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.49 per bottle.  The Giver collection was limited edition but you can still find it online at most of the polish e-tailers like Head2ToeBeauty and Transdesign.


OPI | Green on the Runway

Woke up this morning with the sniffles and the sneezes but man, I am bathing in Vitamin C to fight off whatever is coming my way… WILL NOT GO DOWN!

Today I have a polish from this summers OPI Coca-Cola collection that I have finally decided to bust out.  I knew when I bought it that it would be a fall polish so I wasn’t really neglecting it in my collection… at least that’s what I’m saying!


Green on the Runway (named after Sprite) is a green metallic polish with a duo-chrome finish that flashes red and brown … although, please don’t rely on these swatches for any of that as I lack the skills needed to capture it!

greenontherunway3 greenontherunway2

The formula on this polish was fabulous for a metallic finish.  It definitely had that feel of a brush-strokey polish but I didn’t seem to have an issues with application.  I used three coats for full opacity as it was a little sheer on the first coat and while the second coat would have been fine, I felt a third made the colour deep and gorgeous!  The duo-chrome flashes are definitely apparent in real life but not as strong as some of the others that are in my collection.

OPI is available at most professional salons including Sally Beauty Supply for $9 per bottle.  The Coca-Cola collection was limited edition but you may be able to find them online or in the clearance areas of your local salons.