Color Club | Peace, Love & Polish

Happy Tuesday!  The sun is shining today and we are on the path to full blown summer… all double digits and sunny skies!

Today I have a bright and shimmery neon polish to help celebrate the coming of the warm weather.  I have a whole bunch of gorgeous polishes that are perfect for summer but the Color Club Poptastic collection from last year is a stunner!


Peace, Love & Polish by Color Club is a coral/watermelon pink creme polish with a ton of golden shimmer.  Shimmer again?  Yes, I am in love with them!!

peaceloveandpolish2 peaceloveandpolish3

The formula on this polish is awesome for such a bright neon polish.  Normally, you get a streaky, patchy mess but Peace, Love & Polish was very smooth and easy to apply.  It did take three coats to reach full opacity and dries to a semi-matte finish so I added a glossy topcoat for full shine and sparkle.

Color Club can be purchased online through many websites including Nail Polish Canada for $8 per bottle.


Madam Glam | Sunset Colours

Happy Monday!  Some weeks, it feels like the weekend flies by and I think we need an extra day or two or twelve before heading back to work.

Press Sample

Today I have a few polishes from a new to me indie brand called Madam Glam.  I had previously seen a lot of reviews of the Madam Glam polishes from JessFace90 and MissHollyBerries and since then, they have been on my list of ‘to-trys’.


First up is Holy Yellow which is a bright sunshine yellow creme.  The formula on this polish was a little thick and slightly sheer but easy to build.  I used four coats to get it fully opaque and as a result it took a little longer to dry.  I love the tone of this yellow because it is creamy yet bright and really meshes well with my skin tone.


Next up is Summer Nights which is the perfect mix between a peach and tangerine orange creme.  The formula on this polish was amazing.  It applied like butter and was the perfect consistency for a two-coat gem.  The colour on this baby is right up my orange alley… not a huge fan normally, but MAN, this one is a stunning shade!


The final shade is Ibiza which is a teal creme with a stunning silver shimmer.  If you have been following along with my videos lately, you will know that I LOOOOOVE anything with a soft shimmer.

ibiza2 ibiza3

The formula on this polish was really nice.  Smooth and easy to apply.  It was a little on the sheer side but was easy to build up and I only needed three-coats to get it fully opaque.  I love that the shimmer isn’t a peek-a-boo shimmer and is almost more apparent on the nail than in the bottle.

Overall, I was really impressed with the colours and the formula of the polishes that were sent to me.  I found that the brush worked really well with my nail shape/size and I could easily do the three stroke method to cover.  All of the polishes are 5-free and cruelty-free.

If you are interested in any of the polishes over at Madam Glam, use the code LindsayDoesNails30 for 30% off your order.

Press Sample

Madam Glam polishes are available online through their website for $10.95 per bottle.


OPI | Jinx

Good Tuesday Morning!  Did you have a monsoon yesterday like we did?  It rained and rained and rained all day which puts me in a snuggle-down mood and I literally got home from work, changed into some comfy PJ’s and called it a night… at least in terms of doing anything productive.

Today I have a polish that I can’t believe hasn’t graced the blog yet.  It is from the OPI Bond Girl’s collection which was all Liquid Sand finish polishes but of all of them, this is my absolute fave!


Jinx by OPI is a red leaning coral jelly base with both a red/coral and a gold shimmer.  Every time I look at this polish, I see myself on a beach with the waves rolling up and the sun shining brightly!

jinx2 jinx3

The formula on this polish is pretty consistent with most Liquid Sand polishes, it is slightly thick but very easy to apply.  In fact, I was able to apply this without needing any clean-up at all… simply amazing!   Due to the textured finish of the polish, I only needed two coats for full opacity but it does take a lot longer than normal to fully dry and give you that amazing finish on the nail.  Once it fully dried, you could actually see where the gold textured pieces almost seemed to rise above the red/coral ones and just looks amazing and bright.

OPI is available for purchase at most professional salons, including Sally Beauty Supply, for $9 per bottle.  The Bond Girls collection was a limited edition collection so you may have to go to Amazon or eBay to purchase this.


OPI | Hotter Than You Pink

Happy Friday!  Best day of the week!!  I’ve been having a really chill week and not spending a ton of time of the Interwebs so I figured I would at least end the week with a happy, sunshine filled, blog post!  This weekend also marks the first Blue Jays game of the season and we hope to come home with some new Bobbleheads for our growing collection!

Today I have a neon OPI polish from last years Brights collection.  Luckily, I was able to get this one from one of my awesome subscribers but I recently found out that it is being re-released (re-promoted) in this years Brights collection so if you want it, now’s your chance!


Hotter Than You Pink by OPI is a super bright neon pink crelly (more on the jelly side) polish with a gorgeous blue shimmer.  Love summer?  This is the polish you need to get your hands on… I promise!

hotterthanyoupink2 hotterthanyoupink3

The formula on this polish was very smooth and easy to work with but was just slightly sheer.  I used three coats and was still able to see the nail line but more in these photos than in real life.  The shimmer is sooooo intense and vibrant and stands out beautifully on the nail, almost more so that in the bottle.

OPI polishes are available in most professional salons, including Sally Beauty Supply for $9 per bottle.


China Glaze | Electric Nights Cremes

Happy Tuesday… missed a few days while I was sick and then swatching away like a mad-woman!  So many amazing polishes have been coming out lately that I just can’t seem to stop myself!

Today I have the remaining nine (9) polishes from the China Glaze Electric Nights collection to share.  These are all creme finishes and other than two, can be opaque in just two to three coats.

First up, I am going to show the two polishes that I think could benefit from a white base. I swatched them both ways to show the difference, the ring finger is over Alpine Snow by OPI and the other fingers are three finessed coats on their own.


Daisy Know My Name? is a bright sunshine yellow creme that is super bright without being too eye-searing.  In three coats, I can still see the nail line but one coat over white, it was brighter and fully opaque.


Home Sweet House Music is a bright tangerine orange creme.  Another not overly eye-searing bright polish but one that I think is a more everyday summer orange.  Again, the nail line is slightly visible in three coats but one coat over white is brighter and more opaque.

The remaining polishes are all opaque on their own and didn’t require a white base to make them brighter.


Treble Maker is a bright mid-tone green with a cool undertone.  This one needed three coats to be fully opaque but is such a flattering shade of green that it would look amazing on all skin tones.


UV Meant To Be is a bright sky blue creme.  This one only needed two coats to be fully opaque and is the perfect spring/summer blue.


DJ Blue My Mind is very similar to the UV Meant To Be but perhaps a little brighter while also being a little darker… does that even make sense?  I did need to use three coats, with a little finessing, to get this to be opaque and while I don’t think a white base is necessary, it could help to make the application a little easier.


Glow With the Flow is that perfect bright Barbie pink creme.  This polish is very cool toned and opaque in just two easy to apply coats… I love this one!


Red-Y To Rave is an eye-searing red-toned coral.  The picture does nothing for the brightness and craziness that this polish brings to the nails… it is amazing!  It did need three coats to be fully opaque but for such a bright colour, it can be fully forgiven.


Plur-ple is a cool-toned purple creme.  This is the first of two purple in the collection and I find it to be less bright which makes it the perfect all season polish.


Finally, Violet Vibes is a warm-toned purple creme that is must brighter and must more summery than the other purple in the collection.  This polish also needed three coats but again, the bright factor and amazing colour mean that it’s forgiven.

Overall, I LOOOOOOOVE this collection so much.  It is the perfect hit of polish for summer and I think that it’s worth picking them all up.  My favourites from the collection, you know, for those not willing to grab em all, are Violet Vibes and Red-Y to Rave.  AMAZING!!

China Glaze polishes are available at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.49 per bottle.


China Glaze | Electric Night Glitters

Happy Hump Day… does a 4-day weekend have an actual hump day?  Anyways, you will never find me complaining about a short work week and today also marks the start of the Toronto Blue Jays season, day two.  Yes, they already started their season but had some random day off yesterday so here we go… the road to the World Series starts here!

Easter is past so I thought it would be a perfect day to start showcasing the China Glaze Electric Nights collection.  For those who have been living under a nail polish rock, the Electric Nights collection is the summer offering of neon polishes from China Glaze… quite possibly the superstar neon makers!  Today I am kicking off my review by showing you the three glitters offerings included in the collection.


First up is Can I Get An Untz Untz which is a clear base polish with neon blue, green and purple hex glitters ranging from small to medium.  Can you even say the name of this polish without cringing?

cgcanigetauntzuntz2 cgcanigetauntzuntz3

The formula on this polish was good… not awesome but very manageable.  I did find that it was a little base heavy and I needed to do some swirling of the brush in order to get a decent coverage of glitter.  It also works well to allow the polish to drip back into the bottle before painting the nail so you end up with less of that base and more of the glitter.  I used one coat over Alpine Snow by OPI.


Next up is Let the Beat Drop which is another clear base polish with hot pink, neon orange and purple hex glitter ranging from micro up to an almost medium.

cgletthebeatdrop2 cgletthebeatdrop3

The formula on this polish was similar to Can I Get An Untz Untz and again was a little base heavy and I almost felt like there were less glitters on each brushstroke but that could have been because there were less of the ‘bigger’ hexes.  I also found that the base of this polish has a slightly pink hue… not something that is super obvious but it’s there if you look close enough.  This is likely because the glitters have bled slightly and also may get worse as the polish ages a little.  For the swatch, I used one coat over Alpine Snow by OPI.


The final glitter in the collection is Point Me to the Party which is a clear base polish with neon hex glitters in pink, purple, green, blue, orange and yellow.  This seriously looks like a party in a bottle.

cgpointmetotheparty2 cgpointmetotheparty3

The formula on this polish was better than the previous glitters and seemed to have less issues with being base heavy.  Again, this could be because there are so many different colours of glitter and each seem to have medium hexes as well as small.  This polish also seems to have a slightly pink toned base which may get worse as the polish ages.  I used one coat over Alpine Snow by OPI.

Overall, I am really impressed with these glitters.  I know that they look very similar to ones that were released previously by Polish Me Silly but if you don’t have those, these ones are great.  My pick of the bunch is Let the Beat Drop but only slightly over Point Me to the Party.

China Glaze can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.95 per bottle.


Virago Varnish | Radiance

Tuesday, Smoozday!  Never been a big fan myself… although it’s technically a Monday and while that may not seem any better, I have mentioned before that I actually enjoy Monday’s at work!  Looks like Mother Nature is in for one last cooler week before the temperatures hit double digits for the foreseeable future.

Today I have a really special polish to share with you.  Virago Varnish is a newer to me indie brand and one that I am falling for in the worst possible way… she makes everything super sparkly and that sets my heart-a-singing!  Radiance is actually going to be gifted at GBK’s Celebrity Gift Lounge honoring the 2015 MTV Movie Awards Nominees and Presenters!  How friggin’ cool is that?  I almost feel celebrity-like just owning it and imagine all the stories you can make up because it is in your collection… Mwahahaha!


Radiance by Virago Varnish is a mid-tone blue jelly base polish with a tonne of blue, green and silver holographic microglitters.  This is very ocean/summer like and make me smile all the more because anything that makes me think of warmth and sunshine is just divine!

radiance2 radiance3

The formula on this polish was great.  A little sheer on the first coat because of the jelly base but evened out nicely on the second coat and was fully opaque in three.  Even with the dense microglitter, this polish applied very smooth and didn’t thicken as it applied which can be the case with these types of glitters.  The finish of this was a little on the semi-matte side so I did add a good coat of glossy topcoat to get a full sparkly shine!

Virago Varnish can be purchased online through their website for $12 per bottle.