Super Nails | Lucky Star

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HAPPY FRIDAY!  I don’t know about you but I look forward to Friday all week because that means it’s almost the weekend AND… it’s also Starbucks Friday!  Yep, each Friday I stop into the local Starbucks and grab a yummy beverage (and possible a goodie) because I am addicted to earning stars!  I am going to be GOLD sooner or later!

Speaking of stars, I am showing you a polish that comes pretty darn close to my perfect polish today.  I am always on the hunt for a perfect galaxy polish and for some reason, the stars are always way too big but KC over at Super Nails sent me a polish with MINI stars in it and I am in love!


Lucky Star by Super Nails is a clear based polish with mini star glitters and circles in blue, yellow, purple and holographic as well as a dense mix of holographic shimmer.

luckystar1 luckystar3

The formula on this polish is great.  I didn’t have to fish around for the glitters at all and everything distributed evenly on to the nails.  What I did have a slight issue with was the stars sticking together because SO many came out with each dip of the brush.  Layered over black (I used Liquid Vinyl by Orly for this mani), this seriously looks like a galaxy and I am honestly IN LOVE.

Super Nails can be purchased through her Etsy site for $10 per bottle and is available in the US only at this time.  Fingers crossed with enough of us hounding her, she will change that soon ;)

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Loaded Lacquer | Nude Jiggles Trio

Did you know that there are less than 100 days until Christmas?  WHAT??  While I have been spouting off about my love of all things fall and the cooler weather, I am NOT ready for all of the holiday preparations to begin… let alone the shopping aspect of it.  OY!

Today I have a trio of polishes from my favourite indie nail polish maker, Loaded Lacquer.  This summer, Heather released a trio of nude jelly polishes to her already amazing line of ‘Jiggle’ polishes and I finally got my butt in gear to get the swatches down for a blog post.

First up in the trio is No Bra (the names of these polishes are so awesome) which is a soft, delicate pink crelly polish that borders the line between being between white and pink perfectly.


The formula on this polish was a little on the thick side but for a crelly polish that is pretty standard.  I used three coats for the swatches and you can only faintly see the visable nail line, and even less so in person.  This is such a gorgeous feminine shade of pinkish white that I think it makes a great stand-alone mani.


Next up in the trio is No Shoes which is a light grey crelly polish.


The formula on this polish is perfection!  I didn’t feel that it was thick at all and it applied seamlessly… definitely my favourite of the three.  The tone of grey in this polish really makes it perfect for those in between seasons and again, I love it against my skin tone.  Easily the most opaque of the three and this is three thin coats.


The last of the trio is No Shirt and it is a light tan or beige crelly polish, basically what you would think of when you say a ‘nude’.


The formula on this polish was similar to that on No Bra, slightly thicker but easy to apply using thin coats.  I used three thin coats for the swatches and you can only slightly see the visable nail line.  Of the three polishes, this is my least favourite as I don’t tend to reach for ‘nude’ polishes and this one just doesn’t blend well with my pale-arse skin.


Overall, I am in love with these new addition to the Jiggle collection and know that I will be getting lots of use out of all of them… can anyone say JELLY SANDWICH?!

Loaded Lacquer is available on her website and is $8 to $10 per bottle.  Her polishes sell out very quickly so make sure you stay up to date on her restocks which she posts on her ‘restock‘ page.


FAVE Blogger Alert!! | Kellie Gonzo

A little but of a different post for today but I wanted to start a feature on my blog sharing some of my favourite nail polish bloggers with you!  It’s so amazing to be part of a community, whether it’s though blogging or YouTube, of wonderful people who share a love for polish that is sometimes hard to find in my real, everyday, life.

One of my favourite polish bloggers is someone who I originally met through Instagram and have since become obsessed with her reviews as she is so down to earth and honest that I know I can instantly trust what she has to say.  That person is Kellie Gonzo!


Kellie started her blog in 2009 and has over 1,000 posts sharing her love of nail polish and all things nail related.  What makes me trust Kellie so much is that she isn’t afraid to tell you what she feels about a polish.  A lot of the bloggers that I follow receive polishes for review from public relation companies and you can see trends in reviews of ‘false positive’ posts but not Kellie… whether she shelled out for the polish or she received it for review, her opinions are true and honest.

As my love of indie nail polish continues to grow and we head into the heavy holiday season, I start to look to my staple bloggers for swatches and reviews of new collections before I make my final decision on which polishes I NEED to take home with me.  Kellie’s recent post on the KB Shimmer Fall 2014 collection was so awesome and has the most beautiful swatches that she made my wish list grow from two to four (GRRR, did I mention Kellie is also bad for the wallet).

Here is an example of what you can see on Kellie’s blog:


Leaf of Faith by KB Shimmer  (photo from

If you haven’t already found Kellie on your own, you can check her out on any of these social media sites:

Blog: http:://





 Enjoy this feature?  Stay tuned for more of my favourite nail polish bloggers coming soon!!

Orly | Rage

It’s not often that you will hear me complaining about the start of Fall TV shows… come on, we all love the new seasons finally coming back and having those cliff-hangers that we have been sitting on the edge of our seats all summer come to and end… BUT, I am not looking forward to some of my summer staples ending.  I love Big Brother and Under the Dome and both are nearing the end of their seasons… BOO!

Today I am sporting a metallic nail polish that is part of my top nail polishes for Fall and while swatching for my upcoming YouTube video, I stopped at this gem and needed to share it’s gorgeousness with everyone!


Rage by Orly is a stunning rose gold metallic foil polish.  Don’t you just love when you can make your nails look like they are worth some serious cash?  I think this polish makes my nails look super expensive!


This polish is an amazing two coat gem and toggles the line of being a straight metallic polish and a foil polish very nicely.  As someone who doesn’t gravitate to metallics, I like that Orly opted to add just a pinch of bronze foil into this one so that it hides any of the usual streaky application that you can get.

Orly is available at Sally Beauty Supply or online at Nail Polish Canada and is $8 per bottle.  Rage is part of the core collection and a definite staple for your Fall polish collection.

wHet Polish | Review & Swatches

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The weather has turned and we have moved from shorts and t-shirts to yoga pants and sweatshirts and, let’s be honest, I am doing a small jig around my house as I love this time of year.

Today I am bringing you a mix of of colours from the brand wHet Polish.  I reached out to the owners of wHet and they were kind enough to send me seven (7) of their polishes in a variety of colours and formulas and I am so happy to share the swatches with you.  One thing that I am loving about this brand is the names of the polishes and how they give a definition to go along with each one.

Ethereal ~ characterized by lightness; highly refined; delicate; spiritual 


This is a gorgeous soft pink jelly polish with a bright blue shimmer.  The formula was very sheer and I used three coats for the swatches and you can still see the visible nail line.  I think this polish would be perfect for the ‘clean, french manicure’ look or you could layer it over white to get it fully opaque.


Hubris ~ excessive pride of self-confidence


This is a gorgeous bright coral pink with a delicious creme formula.  It was opaque in two coats and had a great shine even without using a topcoat… although, let’s be serious, I topcoat topcoat so this is two coats of Hubris with topcoat.  I like this pink for those in between seasons as it’s bright without being too in your face.


Faux Pas ~ a social blunder


This is a stunning, bordering on neon-like, bright reddish pink creme with a subtle white shimmer.  Easily opaque in two easy coats but that shimmer isn’t super apparent on the nail when you are in low-light conditions.  I have to say this is my favourite of the polishes I have tried though… AMAZEBALLS!


Ravenous ~ extremely hungry; voracious; predatory


This one is a bright orange crelly polish with a hint of red undertones.  I had a feeling that this one was a crelly when I was looking at the bottle based on how easily I could see the ball bearings but it was easily opaque in two thick coats (or three thin coats).  Again, I think this polish is a perfect transition colour for the jump from summer to fall.


Quixotic ~ extravagantly chivalrous or romantic


This is a burgundy creme polish that had a beautiful opaque formula.  I found that the first coat applied a little streaky but the second coat evened everything out beautiful and made it completely opaque.  Usually I am not a fan of these colours but I found this one looked nice on my shorter nails.


Kerfuffle ~ a disorderly outburst or tumult


This is an awesome periwinkle creme polish with a perfect formula.  We all know that these lighter colours can have brutal formulas but this one was easy to apply, no streaks and a great two coat wonder.  The colours leaves me thinking spring but really, polish is meant to be worn whenever, so I will be loving this all year long.

Nefarious ~ infamous by way of being extremely wicked


This is a beautiful deep teal creme polish with a super subtle silver/white shimmer.  The formula was wonderful and opaque in two coats and didn’t stain my nails at all… phew!  I was disappointed the the shimmer didn’t show on my nails unless I was under a direct light source and wiggling my fingers looking for it… sort of lost the point for me.  However, a great fall colour.


Overall, I really like these polishes and the formulas are all really nice and make the polishes easy to work with.  My favourites are definitely Faux Pas and Kerfuffle.

wHet polishes can be purchased online at for $15 per bottle.  Colours are limited edition so if you are interested in anything that you see, you may want to act sooner rather than later.

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Super Nails | Paparazzi

Have you tried the new Pumpkin Spice tea at Tim Horton’s?  WOWSA, it is so good and if you like Chai tea, you will definitely want to check this one out.  

Even though I have been spouting off about Fall for the last few posts and, yes, I am still in full fall mode, I do have a couple of more bright summery polishes that I want to share with you.


Paparazzi by Super Nails is a clear based glitter topper with dense silver holographic shimmers and neon pink, green, yellow and blue hex and square glitters of varying sizes.

paparazzi3 paparazzi2

The formula on this polish was fantastic… an easy one coater and little to no fishing required to get a good coverage of neon hexes.  I love just how dense the holo shimmer is because it really adds a sparkle to your nails and transforms the look of the finished product… nothing like your holo nails catching the sunlight and casting rainbows all over the place.

Super Nails is available on Etsy (only US shipping at current) for $10 per bottle.

Drip Drop Nail Paint “Fall Trio” | Fall 2014


The weather has cooled, the windows have opened and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out at Starbucks… you know what that means, right?  Yep… it’s time for some more fall nail polishes.

Today I have the new fall trio from Drip Drop Nail Paint that was released at the end of August and the colours are absolutely perfect for that transition from summer to fall.

Abstract Nature is a white crelly base with hex glitters in red, yellow, blue and green in sizes ranging from small to medium.


The formula on this polish was great and the white is the whitest of the crelly based polishes I own.  Fully opaque (without any undies) in just two coats and the glitter was very easy to spread on the nails. This is that polish that I mentioned was the perfect transition colour from summer to fall.  The white crelly base screams summer but the colours of the glitter are perfect for fall. 

abstractnature4 abstractnature2

Autumn Beauty is a jelly polish that falls just darker than a pure/true red.


The formula on Autumn Beauty is fabulous and while a jelly polish, is nice and opaque in three coats.  This is one squishy looking polish on the nails and I love the richness of the red.


Fall Foliage is the glitter topper in the trio and consists of gold, green, yellow, red and orange circle, square and hex glitters.


The formula on this glitter topper is fantastic… I am wearing ONE coat, no dabbing, for the pictures and I am beyond impressed with the way this one covers.  This polish looks exactly like fall leaves and over top of Autumn Beauty, I am in love!  Cannot wait to wear this combo again!

fallfoliage3 fallfoliage2

Overall, I am so happy with this collection and this that they are perfect for this fall season.  

Drip Drop Nail Paint is available on Etsy for $12 per bottle.