OPI | Pedal Faster Suzi

Happy Thursday!  It’s my BIRTHDAY today… yep, the big 3-7… I know, I am older then the average nail polish lovin’ bear but age is just a number and I loooooove being the girly girl in the family!  Painting my nails is such a fun, relaxing end to my day that I don’t think I will ever give it up!

Today I have an older (ironic) OPI polish from the Holland collection which was released in 2012.


Pedal Faster Suzi by OPI is a soft baby pink creme polish with a stunning silver/iridescent shimmer.  If you know me at all, pink PLUS shimmer… YES PLEASE!

pedalfastersuzi2 pedalfastersuzi3

The formula on this polish was really nice but did have a slightly thicker feel to it because of the amount of shimmer.  I am totally willing to work with this because the shimmer is outstanding!  It glows on the nail, it visible in both natural and direct light and just looks fantastic in the creamy pink base.  I was able to get the polish opaque in three coats and even though the formula is thicker, the application was still fairly easy.

If you have ever been wondering, Suzi, who appears in all of the seasonal collections from OPI, is the creator of the brand!!  I always wondered so hopefully now you know!

OPI polishes are available at most professional salons, including Sally Beauty Supply, for $9 per bottle.


Orly | Adrenaline Rush Collection

Happy Tuesday… yesterday was Victoria Day here in Canada so that meant it was a looooong weekend!  I’m not even going to lie, I woke up, had a shower and then re-dressed in some new PJs.  How else should you spend a freebie day off?!

PicMonkey Collage

Today I have my review of the entire Orly Adrenaline Rush collection which is Orly’s offering for Summer 2015.  I posted my video review on my YouTube channel this weekend and if you prefer the watching to the reading, you can click here to see it!


First up is Risky Behavior which is a bright magenta pink creme.  The formula on this one was really nice… smooth and easy to apply; opaque in just two coats.   I love all pinks, whether warm or cool toned and this one set my heart on fire!


Next up is Fireball which is a warm-toned red creme with a blue iridescent shimmer.  The formula on this one was not my favourite… it was think and a little gloopy which made it hard to apply evenly on the nail.  I’m not sure if it was the added shimmer or just a flaw in the polish but it definitely took some work to get it to look decent.  This is two, very manipulated, coats with top coat.


Check out Thrill Seeker which is the brighest lime green neon polish ever known to man.  Yes, not for the faint of heart, this baby will set your summer world on it’s side!  The formula on this polish was a little sheer and patchy on the first coat and needed three to be fully opaque but WHO CARES!??!  I have shown this without a white base and really don’t think it’s needed but you could do a white base and one coat of Thrill Seeker and I’m sure it would take the polish to the next level of bright!


Next up is Push the Limit which is a neon peach(ish), pink(ish) creme.  The formula on this polish was awesome… two coats for full opacity and no streaks or patches at all.  This one is BY FAR my favourite of the collection and I know that I will be wearing it a lot this summer.  It almost broke my camera with it’s awesome brightness.


Be Daring is a warm-toned purple creme.  The formula on this polish was another really nice one.  It took me just two coats to get it fully opaque and I had no issues with application.  Not the most unique summer polish colour but still really nice.


Last up in the collection is On the Edge which is a true blur-ple (mix between blue and purple) crelly polish.  The formula on this polish was a little on the sheer side, which was surprising, and I found I needed three coats for it to be fully opaque and even then, with the daylight bulbs, you can see my nail line.  I think this would benefit from a white base both for a brighter polish and a more opaque finish.

Overall, I am in love with this collection… some amazing bright colours that are perfect for summer manicures.

Orly nail polish can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for $8 per bottle.


Girly Bits | Get Weaponized

Happy Thursday!  It was absolutely FREEEEEZING last night… I think I have gone back into hibernation mode because I spend my entire night hunkered down under a blanket in full pajamas mode.

Today I have the first of what will be a bunch of posts on polishes from Girly Bits Cosmetics.  Girly Bits is a Canadian indie maker (Canada represent!) and I have recently picked up a number of her polishes and totally loving them!


Get Weaponized by Girly Bits is a collaboration polish with Nail Polish Wars for her two-year blogaversary!  The polish is a lightly tinted teal jelly base with a TON (and I am talking TOOOOON!) of teal linear holographic shimmer along with purple and magenta iridescent sparkles.

getweaponized2 getweaponized3

The formula on this polish was amazing!  For such a densely packed, glitter dense, polish, it applied super smooth like a dream!  I had a really hard time figuring out the base of this polish and whether it was clear of tinted because it is seriously, so full of sparkle!  I am including a picture from Amanda Loves Polish to show you her bottle shot just so you know that it is a slightly tinted base.


Ermagherd… I am over the moon in love with all things holo this season but when you add a little somethin’ somethin’ into the mix, my mind just explodes.

Girly Bits Cosmetics polishes can be purchased online through their website for $13 per bottle.


Summer Dots | Green & Pink

Happy Wednesday!  It’s the middle of the week and we are coming up to a LOOOOOONG weekend and I am so excited for an extra day off… also, my birthday is next week so WAHOOOO!

Even though the weather has taken a crazy turn from the heat advisory on the weekend to the frost warning tonight, I am sharing my summer dotticure with you!  I looooove doing dots on my nails because they are super easy and always draw tonnes of compliments.


For this dotticure, I was inspired by a picture that OPI posted on their Instagram showing a pink and green polish side-by-side and questioning whether they go together.  I thought the colour combo was amazing so this mani was born!

For the pinks nails and dots, I used Glow With the Flow by China Glaze, from the new Electric Nights collection.  Such a wonderful summer pink!  For the green nail and dots, I used You’re So Outta Lime by OPI from last year’s Brights collection (also re-released with this year’s Brights).

What are your favourite dotticure colour combinations?


SuperChic Lacquer | High Voltage Collection

WOAH… who is this?!  Sorry for the absence, I tend to fall off the blogging bandwagon often but I’m still swatching and painting like a mad-polish loving woman so… lots of posts coming soon!  For Mother’s Day, my mom and I went for pedicures to the worst salon in the free world… it was fast, inefficient and my toes aren’t any nicer than if I were to do them myself.  What’s worse… THEY PUT THINNER IN MY POLISH!  Yep, I brought my own bottle of Red-y to Rave and she sucked at painting so bad she thought she would just toss some thinner in my perfect formula bottle.  I about SHIT bricks!!

Anywho… moving on…

Press Sample

Today I have the amazing High Voltage collection from SuperChic Lacquer to show you.  The High Votage collection includes 8 brand new, neon chrome, linear holographic polishes that are so full of shimmer and shine that they seriously set my heart on fire!  You are going to absolutely love these.


First up is Live Wire which is a gorgeous lime green polish with a linear holographic as well as what appear to be teal shimmers.  I’m not normally a green polish lover, even though I have more than I can count, but this one on my pale skin tone is beautiful!  This is three coats plus top coat.


Next up is Jolt which is a purple, leaning blurple (blue/purple) polish with a stunning linear holographic.  These types of colours are right up my alley so this definitely hits the top of my love list for the collection.  This is two coats plus top coat.


This bright, polarizing shade, is Reverse Polarity which is a burnt tangerine orange shade with a linear holographic and a golden shimmer.  Looking at these, this would have been my least favourite based on colour alone but she is actually beautiful on the nails and the shimmer is out of this world.  This is two coats plus top coat.


This gem is Hot Finger and is a warm-toned pink polish with a linear holographic.  Being a pink polish fanatic, this is amazing… I love it more than all the others based on colour alone and once on the nail, she definitely doesn’t disappoint.  This is two coats plus top coat.


This collection has a couple of blues and first up is Short Circuit which is a bright ocean blue polish with a linear holographic and slight silver shimmer.  Of all the blues, this baby is the brightest and most vibrant… she’s gorgeous!  This is two coats plus top coat.


This is Electrifried which is a mid-tone yellow polish, bordering on a mustardy colour, which a linear holographic.  Another colour that I wasn’t super excited about but again, on the nails, it’s perfect for summer and also looks like it will work well come fall!  This is three coats plus top coat.


Next up is Splice which is a teal/turquoise polish with a linear holographic.  In the bottle, this one seems much more blue but once it’s on the nail, the green tones come out and I just love it.  This is two coats plus top coat.


The final polish in the collection is Tripped which is a deeper version of Short Circuit… bright blue but not so in-your-face with that same linear holographic.  I don’t think you need both of the blues in this collection because they are very similar but either way, they are both stunning!  This is two coats plus top coat.

Press Sample

Overall, I can’t say anything bad about a single polish in this collection… they are all amazing formulas, stunning colours and right up my summer nails alley!  My top picks are Jolt and Hot Finger because… DUH!!!

SuperChic Lacquer polishes are available online through their website for $10 per bottle.


Color Club | Peace, Love & Polish

Happy Tuesday!  The sun is shining today and we are on the path to full blown summer… all double digits and sunny skies!

Today I have a bright and shimmery neon polish to help celebrate the coming of the warm weather.  I have a whole bunch of gorgeous polishes that are perfect for summer but the Color Club Poptastic collection from last year is a stunner!


Peace, Love & Polish by Color Club is a coral/watermelon pink creme polish with a ton of golden shimmer.  Shimmer again?  Yes, I am in love with them!!

peaceloveandpolish2 peaceloveandpolish3

The formula on this polish is awesome for such a bright neon polish.  Normally, you get a streaky, patchy mess but Peace, Love & Polish was very smooth and easy to apply.  It did take three coats to reach full opacity and dries to a semi-matte finish so I added a glossy topcoat for full shine and sparkle.

Color Club can be purchased online through many websites including Nail Polish Canada for $8 per bottle.


Madam Glam | Sunset Colours

Happy Monday!  Some weeks, it feels like the weekend flies by and I think we need an extra day or two or twelve before heading back to work.

Press Sample

Today I have a few polishes from a new to me indie brand called Madam Glam.  I had previously seen a lot of reviews of the Madam Glam polishes from JessFace90 and MissHollyBerries and since then, they have been on my list of ‘to-trys’.


First up is Holy Yellow which is a bright sunshine yellow creme.  The formula on this polish was a little thick and slightly sheer but easy to build.  I used four coats to get it fully opaque and as a result it took a little longer to dry.  I love the tone of this yellow because it is creamy yet bright and really meshes well with my skin tone.


Next up is Summer Nights which is the perfect mix between a peach and tangerine orange creme.  The formula on this polish was amazing.  It applied like butter and was the perfect consistency for a two-coat gem.  The colour on this baby is right up my orange alley… not a huge fan normally, but MAN, this one is a stunning shade!


The final shade is Ibiza which is a teal creme with a stunning silver shimmer.  If you have been following along with my videos lately, you will know that I LOOOOOVE anything with a soft shimmer.

ibiza2 ibiza3

The formula on this polish was really nice.  Smooth and easy to apply.  It was a little on the sheer side but was easy to build up and I only needed three-coats to get it fully opaque.  I love that the shimmer isn’t a peek-a-boo shimmer and is almost more apparent on the nail than in the bottle.

Overall, I was really impressed with the colours and the formula of the polishes that were sent to me.  I found that the brush worked really well with my nail shape/size and I could easily do the three stroke method to cover.  All of the polishes are 5-free and cruelty-free.

If you are interested in any of the polishes over at Madam Glam, use the code LindsayDoesNails30 for 30% off your order.

Press Sample

Madam Glam polishes are available online through their website for $10.95 per bottle.