OPI | Halloween 2014 (Peanuts collection)

My brain is on creep-overload… I believe I may have been watching/reading all things scary a little too much lately because my house was making way too many noises that scared the bee-jeesus out of me last night!  YIKES

Partial Press Sample

Today I have the OPI 2014 Halloween collection which grabbed me more for the theme and less for the ‘Halloween’ aspect.  I grew up on watching ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ and ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ so when OPI paired with Peanuts to produce a nail polish collection and you can bet your bottom dollar that I am ALL over it!


I picked up the mini set of these (and was sent one full size for review) because I had an Amazon gift card and it worked better that way but can we just talk about how annoying the OPI mini polishes are?  UGH… hate them!  The collection is made up of two creams and two glitters.

First up in the collection is Good Grief! which is a golden yellow creme with near invisible shimmer.  The formula was really nice and I was able to get it opaque in two thicker coats with minimal streakiness. (does it not look like I have giant hands in these pictures?)  The shimmer is really only visible in the bottle under direct light and almost invisible on the nail.


Next up is Where’s My Blanket? which is a glitter topper with black, pale yellow and peach (pale orange?!) medium hex glitters and a black micro glitter.


The formula on this glitter is great.  I used one coat on top of Good Grief! and had no issues grabbing the glitters nor was it base heavy.  This is, by far, my favourite of the collection so I was really happy to receive it as a press sample in full size.

cbwheresmyblanket3 cbwheresmyblanket2

Third in the collection is Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? which is a black creme.  I don’t have Black Onyx by OPI so I can’t compare but I had no issues with application and it was nicely opaque in two coats.


The last polish is To Be or Not To Beagle which is the second glitter topper with red, blue, turquoise, green and pink medium hex glitters and matte black micro glitter and micro bar glitter.


Just like Where’s My Blanket?, the formula on this polish was great.  I used one coat over Good Grief! and again, had no issues with glitter application or base overload.  This one seems the most versatile in the collection because of the crazy glitter colours… it would work over so many bases.

cbtobeagleornottobeagle3 cbtobeagleornottobeagle2

With the mini set, there was also a sheet of nail stickers all in the Charlie Brown theme and I am really looking forward to using these for some easy nail art.


OPI is available at most professional salons, including Sally Beauty Supply, for $9 per bottle.  The Peanuts Halloween collection is limited edition and I purchased the mini set on Amazon for $9.

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Deborah Lippmann | Xanadu

Happy Tuesday!  Have you been noticing all of the Christmas decorations popping up everywhere?  My local Walmart has the Halloween blow-up decoration mixed in with giant Santa’s and Snowmen and it’s totally throwing off my equilibrium!  Can we not wait a hot minute until the one holiday passes before the next one is already out and about?!

Speaking of holidays, today I have a polish from the new Deborah Lippmann Fantastical Holiday collection.  If you have seen these polishes, they definitely don’t scream Christmas but as I was browsing the polishes in Sephora, this one literally screamed my name and jumped into my cart!


Xanadu (apparently named after a song I have not heard) is a cerulean glitter/shimmer polish with duochrome properties.

xanadu2 xanadu3

The formula on this polish is a bit on the sheer side but can be worn on it’s own in three to four coats.  I chose to layer this over black and the effect is MIND blowing!!  Capturing the duochrome on this puppy is hard but in lower lights… magical!  My swatch is one coat of Xanadu over Liquid Vinyl by Orly.

Deborah Lippmann released a video showing all of the polishes in this collection and you can watch it here.  I recommend checking out this amazing collection before it’s gone because these are limited edition.

Deborah Lippmann polishes can be purchased at most major department stores including Sephora for $18 – $22 per bottle.


Dollish Polish | Look at the Flowers Lizzie

Blah… Monday!  Who got the gags during the final scenes of The Walking Dead last night?  UGH… that was so gross!  After watching the first four seasons in super speed mode (10 days, Netflix = best friends), I am finding it SOOO hard to live with knowing I have to wait a week between episode now.  #firstworldproblems

Today, in honour of TWD, I am showing off another awesome polish from Dollish Polish made specifically for The Walking Dead.  This was released in the original Ultimate Fandom Collection and represents that awesome scene in season four between Lizzie and Carol that made all the fans rejoice!


Look at the Flowers Lizzie is an olive/lime green crelly with varying sizes and shapes of matte glitters in white, coral, pink, green, yellow, and black.

dplookattheflowerslizzie2 dplookattheflowerslizzie3

The formula was on the thinner side for a crelly but very glitter dense so made it very easy to build up the layers to get it fully opaque in three coats.  I love the look of this on my nails… the green is very complimentary to my pink-toned skin and the pops of colour are so perfect for picturing the scene in which this polish was named.

While we are on the topic of all things The Walking Dead… can we take a second and say ‘Hey’ to my new little friend…


Love him!

Dollish Polish can be purchased through their website and is $10 per bottle ($5 for minis).


Halloween Nails | Shatter Polish

Happy Friday!!  Seriously, my favourite day of the week :)  Woke up this morning with a good ole stomach ache… how is that possible?!  Oh well, it being Friday makes me feel better anyways so I am good to go!

Two weeks to go until my second favourite holiday of the year… HALLOWEEN!  Time is upon us to start busting out those Halloween manicures and nail art and I am not the best at nail art so I am always thinking outside of the box Today, I found a super easy way to sport a themed mani without too much effort (perfect!).


Do you have some of those dreaded shatter polishes lying around the stash that you look at and shudder?  I am destashed the majority of my shatters/crackles because it was possibly the worst trend ever but did hang on to the Black Shatter by OPI with the specific purpose of using it for Halloween.

crackle3 crackle2

In browsing through my collection for an orange to layer over, I realized that I don’t have a true orange creme?!  How does that even happen… 700+ polishes and no orange creme?  Anyways, I chose to layer it over Mayhem Mentality by Orly which is a neon-ish coraly orange (I rock at colour descriptions) and really think it was the perfect pop!

Not sure if the Shatter/Crackle polishes are available in stores still but I have seen them stocked at those discount stores like Marshall’s and Winners.


Colores de Carol | Breast Cancer Awareness Duo

Happy Hump Day!  I have a low break on my index nail on my swatching hand and am sooo hoping that Orly’s Nail Rescue will actually save me for a while so I can get it to a decent length nubbin.  Isn’t that just a bummer?!  Nail breaks make for sad days!

Press Sample

Luckily, I have a bunch of back swatches so I can let my nails have a rest and not be changing polishes like a mad woman.  Today I am showing off another of the gorgeous collections from Colores de Carol which is perfect for October.  The Breast Cancer Awareness duo includes two polishes, a crelly with shimmer and a gorgeous glitter topper.

Pink Hope is a baby pink crelly polish with a blue and hot pink shimmer.


The formula on this polish was a little thick but for an opaque crelly polish, that is pretty standard and it was easy to apply.  I used three coats for the swatches to get the base fully opaque.  The shimmer was more hidden on the nail than in the bottle and unless you looked under direct light, it wasn’t very noticeable.

cdcpinkhope2 cdcpinkhope3

By Your Side is a glitter topper in a clear base with neon pink, pale pink, metallic pink and white glitters of all different shapes and sizes including circles, squares, bars and bows.


The formula of this polish is fan-freaking-tastic!  I used ONE coat (over Pink Hope) for the swatch and ermagherd… I can’t get over it.  How girly is this?!  The mix of different mediums in all the shades of pink and white is just amazing… can you tell I LOVE it?

cdcbyyourside2 cdcbyyourside3

Overall… a definte winner of a duo!  The soft pink and the super dense glitter topper make for an amazing duo and I recommend picking up both.  These also work really well for a perfect Spring or Summer nail!

Colores de Carol is available on her website.  The Breast Cancer Awareness duo is limited edition and sold for $20 with 50% going to The Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven.

Press Sample


Pretty Serious | Killer Fangirls Collection

Long weekend over… stuffed on stuffing and turkey and pumpkin pie but what an amazing weekend it was!  Thanksgiving dinner has to be one of my faves of the whole year and spending the time with my family always leaves me with a smile on my face and a bunch of good memories.

Today I have an older Halloween collection from Pretty Serious but this is still available and I knew once I stumbled across it on Kellie Gonzo’s blog that I had to have it all!  I am a die-hard lover of all things spooky and creepy when it comes to Halloween movies and this collection is just perfect for those who are just like me!


The Killer Fangirls Collection includes three glitter-tastic shades named after three of the most successful horror franchises.  Each shade comes with a signed Killer Fangirl art card drawn by Leigh Young!

First up in the collection is Elm Street which is named after Nightmare on Elm Street and is a deep burgundy (blood red) jelly base with tonnes of red and green shimmer and bar glitters.


The formula on this polish was a little thick and a little tacky but I was able to get it fully opaque in three coats.  I thought I would love this one more than I do but I felt that the colour of the base was just a little too dark for me to really appreciate the glitters.  However, Freddy Kruger still creeps me out and this is perfectly made to represent his sweater in the movie!

killerelmstreet3 killerelmstreet2

The second polish in the collection is called Crystal Lake which is named after the Friday the 13th series and is a bright blue jelly base with tonnes of bright blue shimmer as well as a mid-tone blue small hex glitter and medium silver hex glitter.


The formula on this polish was a little thick but easy to apply.  I used three coats for full opacity and due to the jelly base, you can possibly see the VNL in sunlight.  I love this polish!  It’s beautiful and honestly looks like a crystal blue lake with the sun shining on it… gives the appearance that everything is fine at Camp Crystal Lake until you get in your canoe and fall asleep in the middle of the lake… EEK!

killercrystallake3 killercrystallake2

The final polish in the collection, my favourite, is Haddonfield which is named after the BEST horror franchise Halloween and it is an orange jelly base full of metallic and matte orange glitter and matte black shreds.


The formula on this polish was awesome… an easy two coater for full opacity.  I mentioned in my Halloween Nail Polish Picks video that the black shards look like bats to me and that makes this polish go to the next level of Halloween polish!  The Halloween franchise is by far my favourite and I marathon the entire series every year and you can bet that I will be sporting this baby while doing it!

killerhaddonfield2 killerhaddonfield3

Overall, an awesome collection!  In the words of Kellie Gonzo, I la-la-love these so very much and while the Elm Street polish wasn’t my favourite, I think the whole collection is a must!  The fangirl art cards are also pretty amazing and a definite collector piece.

Pretty Serious is an Australian brand but has shipping from the US (just choose US/CAN when adding to your cart).  You can purchase directly from their website and the cost of this collection is $26.85.


Dollish Polish | Walker Bait

Happy Friday!  The weekend is finally around the corner and there are many things to be excited about!  First, it’s a looooong weekend here in Canada as it is our Thanksgiving and who doesn’t LOOOOVE the a long weekend (and totally turkey-fest?!).  Secondly, my BFF of over 30 years is coming to visit tonight and we are going to get out gab on (while also watching Gone Girl… love that book so here’s hoping the movie stands up).  Last, THE WALKING DEAD premieres on Sunday!  WHOOT WHOOT!

Today, in anticipation of The Walking Dead, season 5 premiering, I have a perfectly themed polish to show you!  It is a limited edition polish that Dollish Polish released last year and then brought back with her Halloween collection this year.  Each bottle is numbered and once they are gone, the polish vault will be closed.


Walker Bait by Dollish Polish is “Inspired by The Walking Dead & named after the character Glenn, this intensely rich olive green duochrome, flashing from orange to green, has a strong scattered holo”

walkerbait2 walkerbait3

The formula on this polish was really good… a little sheer on the first coat but easily opaque in two.  I added the third coat (OCD) because I wanted to see if the colour got any deeper and it maybe did, but not enough that a third coat is necessary.  I didn’t really notice there being much of a duochrome but the holographic properties were magical!  These were glowing even when I wasn’t in sunlight – which is great because we haven’t had any in forever!

DON’T FORGET… The Walking Dead, season 5, premieres Sunday, October 12th at 9:00 pm on AMC!!

Dollish Polish is available online via their website and is $10 per bottle (or $5.00 for a mini).