OPI | Pink of Hearts 2014

Press Release

Happy October… a big month for us polish lovers.  October has two big things going for it, three if your a Canadian and that just makes me super happy and excited to be blogging this year.  First up, October is the month of Halloween… yep, you can expect all things spooky and scary here this month.  I will be pulling out all of my Halloween polishes and swatching like a mad woman.  Next, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month so the colour pink is where it’s at.  Lastly, if your a Canadian, it’s also Thanksgiving!

pink of hearts 2014

Today I am showing off the newest Pink of Hearts collection from OPI.  Each year, OPI releases a duo that includes two pink polishes and some fun nail accessories.  The 2014 kit includes one previously released polish and a brand new, never seen before, polish along with a sparkly nail file adorned with the pink breast cancer ribbon.

In 2014, OPI will donate $25,000 to Susan G. Komen® in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is October. OPI will also be donating $5,000 to Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada.

“OPI is proud to support Susan G. Komen and Rethink Breast Cancer with the eighth annual Pink of Hearts promotion,”explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP. “OPI’s breast cancer awareness campaign embodies our mission to empower women through color. The Power of Pink is a unique new shade that really celebrates the individual. This pink glitter gives nails a fun, playful look that represents the joyful feeling that comes when embracing life.”

The first polish in the duo is Mod About You which is actually a polish that I already own and is one of my top pinks so I was happy to see included.  I have heard that this changed a little so I included comparison swatches at the end of the post.

pinkofhearts modaboutyou

The formula on this polish was a nice three coat creme.  It was a little on the runny side but if you use thin enough coats, it is easy to work with.

The second polish in the duo is The Power of Pink and it is a mid-tone pink crelly base with metallic pink and matte white hex glitters.  I like this one a lot… way more than I initially thought I would and think the mix of glitter sizes really add a pretty look to the nail.

pinkofheats powerofpink1

The formula on The Power of Pink is pretty typical for a crelly polish, it needs three coats for full opacity and even then you can still slightly see the VNL.  The polish is very easy to build and you don’t have to do any fishing for the glitter.  To get a more opaque look, try layering this over Mod About You.

pinkofhearts powerofpink Pinkofhearts powerofpink2

As I mentioned, Mod About You has been released previously by OPI and I had heard that the colour was changed slightly so here is a picture to show you the slight difference.

pinkofhearts compare

I do agree that the new Mod About You is slightly pinker than the original but not so much that it would be noticeable to the non-nail polish obsessed eye.

OPI is available at most professional salons, including Trade Secrets and Sally Beauty Supply.  This set retails for $16.95 US.

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OPI | DS Tourmaline

Press Release

It’s the last day of September (and my Dad’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD) so it’s time to show off the last of the brighter polishes before my blog becomes all things Halloween for the entire month of October.

Today I have one of the new DS (Designer Series) polishes from OPI.  These polishes have developed a cult following and the original polishes are so HTF now that as soon as new ones are released, polish hoarders snap them up right quick.


DS Tourmaline by OPI is a ‘shimmery rose’ polish according to the OPI press release but that does this polish NO JUSTICE!!  To me, it is a girly glitter bomb made up of sugar and spice and all things nice!  Bright pink with iridescent sparkles.

dstourmaline1 dstourmaline4

The formula on this polish is fantabulous!  I only needed two coats and it’s pretty much opaque (you can see some VBL but more so in the pictures than in real life).  The finish of this polish is semi-matte and slightly textured but I added a top coat for full gloss and it’s amazing!


Had to add a blurred shot for the full glittery awesomeness that this polish has.

OPI is available at most major professional salons, including Sally Beauty Supply, and is $9 per bottle.  The DS polishes are $14.95 per bottle.

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Review | Julep Party’s Over Nail Polish Remover Kit

Happy Monday… are we ever really happy when it’s a Monday morning?  The regular season for the Blue Jays ended yesterday and my Dad got tickets for himself, my son and myself so we spent the day at the ball park and I actually got a sun burn.  Ouchy!

Today I have something a little different… instead of showing you polish on my nails, I am reviewing a new way to take the polish OFF your nails.  If you are a glitter addict, like me, than you spend a lot of your time with polish remover and cotton balls.  It has become my mission in life to find the easiest way to remove those stubborn glitters and flakie polishes and the Julep Party’s Over Nail Polish Remover Kit is a must-have!

The kit is available on Julep’s website for $28.00 ($19.99 is your a Maven) and comes with 5 – One-Step Polish Remover Pads and 10 reusable finger caps.


Let’s go over how this kit works!  Now, I will say that I only use this method on those extremely hard to remove glitters because at $10.00 per box ($8.00 if your a Maven) for 5 sets of remover pads, it can be a little costly to use on just your standard, easier to remove polish.


The One-Step Polish Remover Pads are small felt squares soaked in acetone and ready to apply to your nail as soon as you open the package.  These are very moisturizing and contain aloe and lanolin so leaving them on your nails for 5 – 7 minutes doesn’t damage your nail beds or dry out your cuticles.

partysover3 partysover4

To start, simply tear open a package of the pads and place one directly over the polish on the nail you wish to remove.  Using one of the finger caps (there are two wider ones for the thumbs and 8 thinner ones for fingers), squeeze the cap and gently push it over the felt square.  Repeat for all of the fingers on one hand (I recommend only doing one hand at a time) and throw on your favourite YouTube video (hint hint, wink wink) and settle in for the next 5 minutes.  If you are using a more stubborn glitter, give it 7 – 10 minutes.

partysover5 partysover6

Once the time is up, remove the finger cap and using some pressure, rub the pad back and forth and then drag it off your nail.  There may be some residual polish but that comes off very easily and I just fold the pad in half and use the back side to do that.  Repeat that for all your fingers and do the other hand and VOILA… you’re all ready for new polish.


Overall, I am in love with these nubbins!  I have repurchased the One-Step Polish Remover Pads a number of times and am always reaching for this kit when I wear hard to remove glitter.  My cuticles and nails feel great afterwards and I have to put it very little effort, which suits me just fine!  So while the kit can be a little pricey, I am not bothered at all and you can always make your own pads by purchasing felt square at your local fabric store and soaking them in acetone before applying to your nails.  The kit is also great for sharing because you only need five nubs at a time so you can pass the extra set on to a friend.

Julep polishes and kits can be purchased directly from their website or you can find select items at Sephora.


Loaded Lacquer | Mysterious Jiggles Set

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Do you ever feel like the week drags by?  This week has been so slow for me but I think that has something to do with all the extra TV hours that I have been giving in to… yep, TV junkie alert!  I am loving all of the fall premiere’s and have definitely been watching way more TV than normal.  Has your favourite TV show of the fall started yet?

Today I have another post dedicated to Loaded Lacquer and I thought it was appropriate to show you a staple collection of hers that is perfect for fall.  There will be a restock this weekend (details at the end of the post) so if you have been wanted to jump in, now is the time!


The Mysterious Jiggles are a set of jelly/crelly polishes that are in shades perfect for the fall season.  These are perfect for layering with your favourite Loaded Lacquer glitters in a jelly sandwich or wearing on their own for that squishy jelly look on your nails.

First up is Toasted Marshmallow which is a mid-toned grey jelly polish.  The formula on all of the Jiggles polish is a little thick but workable.  The first coat was streaky but I used three coats for the swatch and only just see the visible nail line.


Next up is Wild Blueberry which is a dusty mid-toned blue jelly polish.  This one applied like a dream… the best of the bunch.  I have worn this both on it’s own and in a jelly sandwich and I just love it.  Again, a little streaky on one coat but I used three for the swatches and it’s basically opaque.


The third polish in the collection is Acai Berry which is a deep berry jelly polish.  I had the most issues with application on this one but am chalking that up to a thicker first coat.  The polish seems to slide to the sides of my nails and gave it a most dark appearance around the edges, but I actually kind of like how that looks.  I used three coats and can only just see the visible nail line.


Fourth is Fig which is a gorgeous warm-toned purple jelly polish.  This was another of the polishes that was a dream to apply.  The first coat was slightly streaky but that evened out nicely on the second and I used three to get full opacity.


The last polish in the collection is Licorice which is a black jelly polish.  Perfect formula and easily opaque in three coats.


Overall, I love this whole collection and will definitely be using these all fall and winter long to pair with my insane glitter polish collection.  They do take a patient hand to apply and I recommend using thinner coats and building the colour up.  All of the polishes dried slightly rubber looking (think the Illamasqua Rubber collection) so I added a glossy topcoat, but that’s pretty standard!

Loaded Lacquer is available on her website for $10 per bottle.  There is a restock THIS weekend (Sunday, September 28th at 4:00pm CST) so if you have been holding out, now is your time to jump in… these polishes all go very fast so be ready!


Loaded Lacquer | Steampunked

Howdy Dudey folks… hope you are all having a great week thus far.  I have been LOVING the new season premiere’s of my TV shows and have to tell you, Chicago Fire had me in a complete sob-fest.   It was ugly!  Did you catch the finale of Big Brother last night?  What did you think?

Today I have another Loaded Lacquer polish for you… yep, I own them all so these will pop up ALL THE TIME and I am not sorry about that, Heather is AWESOMESAUCE!


Steampunked by Loaded Lacquer is a clear based polish with all sorts of glitter shapes in gold, silver, bronze and black.

steampunked1 steampunked4

The formula on this polish is pretty good… it takes a little fishing to get certain shapes but if you are good with just ‘taking it as it is’ then you will be good to go in just two coats.  I used two coats for the swatches and layered it over No Shirt by Loaded Lacquer.  This baby is gorgeous for fall and I love the mix of shapes and sizes to give a really different look.

Loaded Lacquer is available on their website and is $10 per bottle.  Polishes go fast so make sure you are on top of the restocks.


OPI | Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm?

You guys…. today is the day!  SURVIVOR IS BACK!  I know, I am a sad individual but along with loving all things fall, I am over-the-moon about the new Fall TV schedule and the shows coming back and tonight is da bomb of all return nights so WHOOP WHOOP!

Today I have a beautiful jewel-toned polish from the new OPI Nordic collection and I am in love with it.  The OPI collections have been leaving me a little bored lately because it feels like the same colours keep showing up in every single collection and I need some newbies.


Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm? by OPI is a bold purple polish that looks bright and dark all at the same time.  Honestly, I cannot tell if this is a bright purple that you would want to wear in the Spring and Summer or if you should save it for Fall and Winter because it seems dark too.  I may have to get some professional help for this.


The formula on this one was great.  I thought it would be jelly-ish but nope, it’s a wonderful two coat creme and I had zero application issues.  As I type this review, I am under 12 hours of wear and I already have tip-wear which is shocking as normally, OPI wears like a dream.  I am hoping that it’s a freak thing but I just wanted to point that out.

OPI is available at most major retailers including Sally Beauty Supply, Trade Secrets and Target and is $9 per bottle


Loaded Lacquer | Mystery Polish #2

Happy Fall… yep, today is the first official FULL day of fall and if you are anything like me, you are over the moon happy to have this season officially start so you don’t have to explain why you are so into everything pumpkin anymore.

Today I have a ‘Mystery Polish’ for you… my girl, Heather of Loaded Lacquer, has been into releasing these mystery polishes and to date has done three and I have all of them and really want to show them off to you.  I missed showing the first one, which is a super fun summery one (it will show up here eventually) but you need to see this gorgeous sparkly gem while the chance to get it may still be there.


Mystery Polish #2 by Loaded Lacquer is a densely packed glitter mix in a clear base.  It is made up of hot pink, purple and gold small and medium sized hexes.

mystery2 mystery3

As with all of Heather’s glitters, the formula on this one is fantastic.  Little to no fishing at all and I used two coats, over No Bra, for the swatches… easy peasy!  The colour combo of the glitter pieces is perfect for all seasons and I love that about this one because you don’t feel limited to just a specific time of year… although, remember… rock it whenever!

Loaded Lacquer is available on her website and is $10 per bottle.  Polishes sell out quickly so make sure you stay up to date on her restocks!