Nicole by OPI | Roughles Collection

It’s going to come as no surprise that I am and have been a huge fan of textured nail polishes since the beginning of the trend… I am over the moon that these are still going strong!  This spring, Nicole by OPI releases a brand new, 4-piece, collection called the Roughles.  According to the press release…

Roughles go on like regular polish, but dry to a speckled, textured finish. We recommend you skip the top coat to keep your mani in its original matte state, but if gloss is the name of your game, feel free lay down a clear coat!


The Roughles collection has four pastel colours that, to me, are the most unique of all the textured polishes that have been released to date.  Each is speckle with similar colours of speckled glitter and dries to a matte finish.


I’m Stucco On You is a purple base with red and blue speckles.  I applied two easy coats for full opaque coverage and the dry time was fairly decent; dry to the touch in just a few minutes and completely dry in about 15-20 minutes.


Sand In My Shoe is a yellow base with reddish orange speckles.  Again, two coats for a full opaque coverage and similar dry time.  I love the contrast of the two colours against each other and think this one is the most unique of the four.


Rock the Look is a pink base with red and purple speckles.  Two coats for a fully opaque coverage and the dry time was really similar to the other polishes.  The speckles in this one are the least obvious as the colours are similar to one another but it’s still a unique colour in my collection so definitely a must-have.


On What Grounds? is a teal base with bright blue and black speckles.  Two coats for full opacity and dry time was great.  I LOVE this one and think it looks just like ice cream.

Overall, I LOVE this collection and really wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite.  I think that all of these colours are unique when it comes to textured polish and while I am not normally a fan of the matte textures, the speckles in these make them really stand out on the nail.  These are PERFECT for spring and Easter!

Roughles are available at most major retailers and cost $10.99 a bottle.

Loaded Lacquer | The Dog Ate My Homework

I am in denial that we are in the last week of March and that the first quarter of the year is almost over… wowsa, time is seriously flying by!  I’m not going to complain anymore about the horrible temperatures, especially not going to mention that it was -12 this morning (-19 with the windchill) and I most certainly will not grunt in frustration about the fact that it was snowing again last night… definitely staying away from all of those topics!

Today I am featuring another of the awesome gems created by Heather from Loaded Lacquer that I picked up in my latest haul (click here to go to my YouTube channel for all the latest in nail polish!)


The Dog Ate My Homework by Loaded Lacquer is a black, white, neon green and iridescent glitter in a clear base.  The glitters are all different shapes and sizes and the green glitters just POP on the nail… I love it!  Also, how creative to use black and white glitters to go with the name… I get it!!

thedogatemyhomework3 thedogatemyhomework2

The formula of this one was just as awesome as all of Heather’s other glitters… a little thick, as you would expect with glitter dense toppers, but the coverage is just amazing.  I was able to get a really good coverage of glitters in just one easy to apply coat (I used it over Ziv by Zoya for the swatches).  The iridescent glitters totally make the glitter glow… they look like fire fly’s on the nail!

This polish is being discontinued so if you are interested in picking it up, I recommend that you head over to Heather’s site and grab one while you still can!

Loaded Lacquer is available online and is $10 a bottle.

Pastel | #springnorules

They found the plane… they didn’t find the plane… what the heck?  Anyone else in the Mystery of Flight 370 bubble that seems to be all consuming?  No, just me… somehow I am not surprised!

Today is another day in the #springnorules challenge and the theme today is pastel.


My favourite pastel polishes are hands down the Lime Crime polishes.  There are 7 in the collection and I knew when I originally looked at the challenge themes that the pastel day would be perfect for a splatter mani using all of the colours.


If you have never done a splatter mani, it is super easy and you only need to have a couple of straws and some different colours of polish.  Dip the end of the straw in the polish and then blowing through the other end of the straw, ‘splatter’ the polish all over your nail (and just about everything else possible!).

I like the way this mani turned out but I wish that I had used a lighter base colour so the other polish would have popped a little more.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, here are the upcoming themes…


Happy Painting!

Spring Dotticure | #springnorules


Today is the first day of spring and I am just about as happy as can be!  I bet I could have posted this exact same thing on the first day of fall and the first day of winter too because I am normally a cold weather baby but HELLO… Mother Nature and Jack Frost had a frolic in the snowbanks this year because it was COLD and SNOWY!!

To kick off spring we have another entry for the Spring Thaw Nail Art Challenge and today is a Spring Dotticure!



Originally I wanted to do something with lots of pastel dots but the next theme for the challenge is pastel so I figured that I would go elsewhere and my brain immediately went to daisies!

dotticure2 dotticure3


The base of this mani is Def Defying by China Glaze which is a perfect spring green… even though it looks vaguely like puke in the bottle.  For the daisies (or dots), I used a medium sized dotting tool with Blanc by Essie and Pippa by Zoya.  Over top of the whole thing, because hello… sparkly, I added a coat of Prism Break by KB Shimmer (which is not being done any justice whatsoever in these pictures).

I LOVE the look of these flowers so much!  It reminds me of old fashioned plates that maybe my great grandmother would have had… the white seemed to dry down with a bit of a yellow(ish) colour and made it look very vintage… totally on purpose!!

If you want to join in the fun this sping… here are the themes for the challenge!



Happy Spring!

China Glaze | Atlantis

Mother Nature is a beast ya’ll!  Here we are, one day before spring offically kick off and another winter storm warning.  UGH!

Today I am bringing myself back to my vacation in the sunny Bahamas because I can’t stand the winter anymore… I looks forward to it every single fall but it’s almost the end of March and NO MORE!!!


Atlantis by China Glaze is a teal jelly base with lots of silver and holographic micro glitters.  I am not going to lie, I may have purchased this one based on it’s name alone but it’s also a pretty stinking gorgeous polish so I can’t complain!

atlantis3 atlantis2

Being a jelly, the formula was a little difficult to work with.  The first coat was streaking and patchy but I was able to get everything to even out in three coats and it was pretty much opaque.  I could still see some visible nail line in the sunlight but I don’t think the ‘average’ person would notice.  The glitters seemed very silver in person and the holographic is much more obvious in the pictures.

I think this polish is super gorgeous and it really does remind me of the ocean view from my room at The Cove in Atlantis.

China Glaze is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $6 a bottle.

Loaded Lacquer | North of the Arctic Circle

Have you been watching any of the Mystery of Flight 370 coverage?  I am obsessed… and it’s slightly how unhealthy this obsession is.  I may or may not have spent the entire weekend on my duff in front of the TV watching CNN assuming that there would be ‘Breaking News’ at any moment.  I just can’t imagine and find it SO insane that in 2014, a plane can just vanish!

Anyways, I thought that this polish would be appropriately named for today’s post because really, at this point, the plane could very well be North of the Arctic Circle!


North of the Arctic Circle by Loaded Lacquer is an iridescent flakie top coat in a clear base and when you place it over a darker colour polish (I used 4 in the Morning by OPI) the flakies reflect a rainbow of pastel coloured hex and square glitters in various sizes.

northofthearcticcircle2 northofthearcticcircle3

The formula of this polish was amazing… I literally needed ONE COAT to get the coverage you see in the macro shot… yes, ONE COAT!  (I did add a matte topcoat to the mani because I think it makes the colours pop a little more but it would normally have a super shiny finish).

I could possible have the largest collection of iridescent flakie top coats but have to say, this is the best of the bunch.  The colours, the shapes and the coverage make it just beyond words!

Loaded Lacquer is available on Heather’s website and is $10 per bottle.

St. Patty’s Day GREEN Nails! #springnorules

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my Irish friends and well, anyone who wants to partake in the festivities… you know, green beer, green clothes, green… anything!

I’m not Irish and don’t really do anything outside the norm to celebrate the day but I am all about making my nails worthy of the occasion!


St. Patty’s Day #1 is a super blingy mani that I pull out every single St. Patrick’s Day and I loooove staring at it.  The base is two coats of Veruschka by Zoya (which is a matte velvet but clearly I add some shiny shiny to it).  I followed that up with one coat of Piccailly Arcade by Nails Inc and one coat of It’s Real 18k Gold Top Coat by Sephora by OPI and then a coat of Seche Vite.  I love the depth of this mani and really want to wear it again this spring!


St. Patty’s Day #2 is a skittles nail art mani using a couple of different polishes and techniques.  I also did this one as the St. Patrick’s Day mani for the #springnorules nail art challenge that a bunch of my lovely nail polish friends created!  The colours I used for this mani are Neely by Zoya (palest green), Mermaid’s Tears by OPI (midtone green) and I Come in Peas by Sephora by OPI (darkest green).

If you are interested in joining and painting along with the #springnorules challenge, here is the dates and themes.


Enjoy the day and remember… SPRING STARTS THIS WEEK!  WAHOOOOO!