ILNP | Happily Ever After

Happy Wednesday & April Fool’s Day… even I get a little tired of the ole ‘Hump Day’ funny!  Besides, it’s only a 4-day week so technically, there is no middle this week.  I got the China Glaze Electric Nights collection in the mail yesterday and I am beyond excited to spend this LOOOOOONG weekend swatching and reviewing them for the blog, hopefully next week!  WAHOOOO!

Today, I have a polish from the new ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) spring 2015 collection that I snagged during the pre-order.  As I write this post, the collection is still listed as ‘Coming Soon’ so you will want to keep checking the site because I promise, you will want all of the polishes!


Happily Ever After by ILNP is a lavender toned polish packed with silver flakes and linear holographic shimmer.  When you wear an ILNP holo, you need sunshine… I promise, you NEEEEEED it!

happilyeverafter2 happilyeverafter3

The formula on this polish is really smooth and easy to apply.  For a polish that is made up of all flakes, glitter and shimmer in a clear base, I expected this to be much more sparse than it applied.  I only needed two coats plus topcoat for the swatch.  If you look closely at the picture, you may be able to see some of the bare nail through the polish but it’s nothing that you would need a third coat for.  As I mentioned, the linear holographic needs direct sunlight to really preform to it’s top abilities.

ILNP polishes are available online through their website for $10 per bottle.


A England | Dragon

Happy Tuesday!  I’m so happy that this is a short week followed by a 4-day LOOOONG weekend and then another short week!  It actually looks like Spring could be gracing us with some decent temperatures and I couldn’t be more excited!  Also, I spent a good couple of hours swatching this weekend and doing pictures IN THE SUN… it was epic.

Today I have another gem from A England to share with you.  I recently posted my collection up on my YouTube channel so if you are interested to see all of the amazing polishes that I own from A England, you can head over and check it out!


Dragon by A England is a deep forest green with holographic shimmer and possibly a bit of a lighter green flash.  I always think green polishes make my skin look weird but DAMN, this bad boy was stunning!

dragon2 dragon3

The formula on this polish was beautiful… buttery, soft and so easy to apply.  While I would definitely class this baby as a one-coat wonder, I used two plus topcoat for my swatch.  I do think that the second coat deepened the green ever so slightly so for that reason, I would definitely recommend using a second coat.

A England is available online through their website or you can purchase them from polish e-tailers like Nail Polish Canada and Harlow & Co for $13 per bottle.


OPI | What’s With the Cattitude?

Happy Monday!  I am finally back to breathing normally and my heart beat has settled after the dramatic Walking Dead finale last night… OOOOOOooooo, Buddy… my brain was hurting throughout the entire episode!  Did you watch?

Today I have a very special polish to share with you.  It is one that sat on my lemming list for what feels like years and years but just this last week, a sweet subscriber squashed that lemming right outta the park!


What’s With the Cattitude? by OPI is a bright sky blue creme polish that was released with Shrek Forever After collection in 2010.

It saddens me to say that the formula on this polish leaves a little to be desired.  It was watery and thin and very sheer on the first few coats.  I also had a couple of issues with streaking because of the thinness but it is a 5-year old bottle so that could have added to the formula issues.  I used 4 coats plus topcoat for the swatch.

Even though the formula didn’t hit the mark for me… the colour is outstanding and exactly what I was hoping it would be.  I wore this baby LOUD and PROUD the day I got it and know that it will be a forever staple in my collection!

Stay tuned, later this week, for my post on Bahamian Escape by China Glaze which is apparently a dead on dupe!

OPI is available at most professional salons for $9 per bottle.


Nails 101 | Where I Buy My Polish

Happy Thursday!  Finally on the home stretch of the the week and I am already working for the weekend!  I’ve gotten some amazing nail mail this week and know of a couple more packages on their way so this weekend will be reorganizing the collection… again!  Oy, the never ending problem of storage!  #firstworldproblems

Today I have a long overdue instalment of ‘Nails 101′ where I answer frequently asked questions or talk about tips and tricks about my nail polish journey.  One of the most asked questions I get is ‘Where do you buy your nail polish?’ so I thought that would be a perfect topic to tackle.

There are a number of places that I turn to when looking to buy polishes.  Whether it is an actual brick and mortar store or online, I pretty much go where the polishes are but there are a couple of those places that I go back to again and again because, well, they are awesome!  Keep in mind that I am a Canadian so some of these places are easier for me to shop at due to shipping and currency issues!

First up, let’s start with where I head when I am looking to satisfy the mainstream polish need, so anything from OPI, China Glaze or Zoya.  That would be Nail Polish Canada.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.17.34 PM

Nail Polish Canada is a Canadian web-based polish retailer with brands ranging from A England to Zoya and pretty much everything in between.  While I don’t make it a habit of purchasing my indie polishes here, it has been known to happen.  One of the reasons that I frequent Nail Polish Canada so much is that they offer free shipping with orders over $25 to Canadian addresses and over $50 to US addresses and most of my packages arrive within 3 – 5 business days (sometimes sooner if they ship from the Toronto warehouse).  They also have an amazing points system so you with each purchase, you earn points that you can bank towards any of the items in their ‘rewards’ section.  This is how I obtained the majority of my A England polishes… who can complain when you end up with a $13 polish without making a dent in your wallet?

Next, let’s head to the indie polish world and talk about my absolute, 100% favourite place to shop, Harlow & Co!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.27.11 PM

Harlow & Co is another Canadian web-based nail polish retailer who focuses mainly on indie (or independent) and International polish brands.  Although, Katie has been stocking the latest OPI and China Glaze collections so my life could be turning into a one-shop stop soon!  Located just outside of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area for those of you not familiar with the Ontario lingo), Harlow & Co offers International shipping at phenomenal rates.  While I am able to get most of my orders at little to no shipping cost (god bless living so close), shipping is FREE to the US and Canada on order over $50 and Internationally for orders over $100… FREE PEOPLE!!  Turnaround time for packages is within a week of ordering… I get mine within 2 – 3 business days!  Customer service is top notch and all of my emails, tweets and Instagram questions are always answered very quickly.  I absolutely recommend Harlow & Co as your one-stop indie shop… you will not be disappointed!

Lastly, let’s hit up Sally Beauty Supply.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.35.24 PM

Sally Beauty Supply is that brick and mortar store that I mentioned WAY back in the beginning of this post.  It’s the place that I recommend for all of you polish enthusiasts who prefer to look at and hold a bottle of polish before you make the purchase. While I don’t hit up Sally’s (as it’s more commonly referred) for brand new collections, I loooove their sales.  When Sally’s has a sale… Sally’s HAS A SALE!  Generally, you can get polishes from the latest China Glaze, OPI, Finger Paints and Orly collections on the clearance rack in the store and if you wait for that special weekend where they run the 50% off the clearance rack, you can walk out of the store with polishes that cost less that $2!  That, my friends, is a steal!  Keep your eyes peeled for coupons too because there is a 15% off monthly coupon and a birthday coupon that is fairly easily found by googling… so make sure you have one in hand next time you shop!

So, there you have it… my secrets of the trade when it comes to where I get my nail polishes.  I also, when needed, hit up the websites of the polish brands because when a need needs to be satisfied, you do what it takes!

Where do you buy your polishes?


Pretty Serious | Khepri’s Amulet

Happy Hump Day!  I feel like I have been battling a little bit of a stomach virus this week but it could just be related to my new obsession with cup-o-soup.  You know, the old school Mr. Noodles?  Yep, they have been my lunch of choice this week and I am thinking they may not agree with me so today we shall try something new.


Today I have the last of ‘The Museum of Naileontology’ collection polishes from Pretty Serious to show you.  As I mentioned, this collection is an on-going one so, budget willing, I will continue to show you these as they are released!


Khepri’s Amulet by Pretty Serious is a deep metallic teal polish with a vibrant lime green shimmer.  I thought that The Dragon’s Curse had my heart but this one takes the cake for the first trio!

kheprisamulet2 kheprisamulet3

The formula on this polish was stupendous!  It was so smooth and easy to apply that it shames all other metallic polishes!  I believe that you could easily get away with one thick coat but I opted to use two thinner coats to make sure that any of the sheer patches or brush strokes were completely covered.  The intense shimmer makes this polish literally glow on your nails!

As with the other two polishes, I want to share the story of this polishes creation/inspiration:

Khepri, the ancient Egyptian Scarab God, was once believed to have pushed the sun across the sky and down into the underworld, emerging with it the next day, moving the sun into the morning sky. He was associated with rebirth, renewal and resurrection, and scarab beetle amulets were placed on the hearts of the dead during mummification. The most powerful of these amulets was said to be created by Khepri himself and shines with the glimmering golden green shimmer of the Scarab God himself. The amulet is now on display in our Naileontology museum, with high quality replicas made with modern day technology available in the Pretty Serious souvenir store.

With polishes this amazing, I cannot wait for the next edition of The Museum of Naileontology to be released!

Pretty Serious polishes are available online through their website for $9.95 per bottle.  Make sure you choose the appropriate location when adding polishes to your cart.


Pretty Serious | Eye of Copernicus

It’s Tuesday, it’s Tuesday!!  The week is moving and shaking already.  I spend a good portion of last night updating my Erin Condren planner… not going to lie, I like it to be pretty before I really need it to be functional.  It would be awesome to say that my life was soooo full that I required a planner but sadly, I can remember the two items on my agenda a week!


Today is the second day of ‘The Museum of Naileontology’ collection review.  Each time I wear one of these polishes, I get more and more excited for what is to come… I have a feeling my Pretty Serious collection is going to be getting some pretty serious love this year!


Eye of Copernicus by Pretty Serious is a deep dark navy crelly based polish loaded with silver and blue micro glitter.  If you watch any of my YouTube videos, you will have heard of my love for all polishes that remind me of the night sky and this baby, is RIGHT up that alley!

eyeofcopernicus2 eyeofcopernicus3

The formula on this polish was very nice.  Most of these types of polishes tend to have a base to glitter issue, either you get too much of one or not enough of another.  Eye of Copernicus seems to have a great balance of the two and I was easily a able to apply it without it being too thick yet having a great coverage.  The first coat is a little sheer but builds up to full opacity in two coats.  I used two coats plus topcoat for the pictures.

Once again, I want to share the story behind this polish with you…

It is said that Nicolaus Copernicus spent so much time staring into the night sky, unlocking the truths of our own solar system, that the light of the stars were absorbed through his telescope and forever captured in its lens. The inky blue Eye with silver microglitter flecks can be viewed in our Naileontology museum, and you can purchase your very own replica in the Pretty Serious souvenir store before you leave.

Pretty Serious polishes are available online through their website for $9.95 per bottle.  Make sure you select your appropriate location when adding it to your cart!


Pretty Serious | The Dragon’s Curse

Happy Monday!  Today marks an exciting day for Canadian reality TV show lovers… it is the start of Big Brother Canada, season three and I am very excited.  Yes, my life seems to lack something and I am clearly filling it with junkie TV but it’s one of my secret obsessions.


Today starts day one of three in which I will be posting my reviews of the Pretty Serious ‘The Museum of Naileontology’ collection that was released earlier this month.  The collection is going to be an on-going one with polishes released throughout the upcoming year.

First up in the collection is The Dragon’s Curse.


The Dragon’s Curse by Pretty Serious is a bright mid-tone green creme with an intense lime green shimmer.  I love the tone on tone of this polish and just how amazingly bright the shimmer is!

thedragonscurse2 thedragonscurse3

The formula on this polish is fabulous!  I expected some brush strokes or some streaks because of the ‘metallic’ look but there was nothing but super smooth, buttery soft application.  I used two coats plus topcoat for the swatches.

Each of The Museum of Naileontology polishes was created based on a legend and here is The Dragon’s Curse:

Many thousands of years ago, a powerful mecha-dragon and his many minions are said to have come close to enslaving the world. The legend tells of their defeat at the hands of a teenage boy who hunted down the mecha-dragon to his lair and slayed him with his sword. However, the dragon’s last breath was cursed, transforming the boy into a man sized lizard. We have captured the last remnants of The Dragon’s Curse from the recently discovered mecha-dragons lair and bottled it up for display in the museum of Naileontology. You can buy your own replica bottle from the Pretty Serious souvenir store, which is completely unavoidable if you plan to exit the building.

Pretty Serious polishes are available online through their website for $9.95 per bottle.  Make sure you select the appropriate location when adding to your cart!