piCture pOlish | LakoDom

SHE WON!  Sorry, hope that wasn’t a spoiler but if you read yesterday’s post, you will know what I am talking about and if you didn’t, then no worries… nothing has been spoiled!

Today I have a new collaboration polish from piCture pOlish.  LakoDom was created along side Polina Koroleva, a Russian on-line Stockist.


LakoDom by piCture pOlish is a white-grey crelly style polish with holographic silver shimmer.

lakodom3 lakodom2

The formula on this polish is a little sheer on the first coat but was very easy to build upon.  I used three coats plus top coat for the swatch.  The colour of LakoDom reminds me of the cult fave, My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI but with that added shimmer, it adds that pop of ‘shabam’ that always seems necessary when polishing your nails.

piCture pOlish is an Australian brand and available online via their website or through online stockists like Nail Polish Canada for $12 per bottle.


Orly | Mirrorball

Happy Hump Day… it’s also Happy Survivor Finale Day (well, for me anyways!).  I am so cheering for Natalie to win because I think she is so sweet and yet, plays the game so well!  Do you watch?

Today I have an amazing polish to show you.  It’s one that I purchased a while ago and yet, it sat unworn on my shelf because I was waiting for the holiday season to bust it out.


Mirrorball by Orly is a silver linear holographic polish with silver holographic small hex glitters mixed in.

mirrorball2 mirrorball4

The formula on this polish is a little sheer but WHO THE HECK CARES!  Seriously, I would layer all the polish in the world if it was needed because this polish is STUNNING!  I used four thin, easy to layer, coats plus top coat for the swatches and MIND BLOWN!  If you haven’t grabbed this baby yet, you need to run to the closest store and snap it up before it’s gone forever.

Orly is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.49 per bottle.


Laquerlicious | Christmas Collection (Part 2)

It was the week before Christmas and everyone was FREAKING OUT!  Almost down to the single digits in the countdown to the big day and I am anything but ready… YIKES!

Today I am bringing you the second half of the Laquerlicious Christmas collection.  As I said in the first half of the post, this collection is fastly becoming my favourite of the holidays and these polishes make me feel no different.

First up is Christmas Snowfall which is a white crelly base polish with different tones of blue hex glitters ranging from micro to small.


The formula on this polish is a little on the thick side but nothing that you can’t work with.  I like that the white is super stark so you don’t need a base of white to make it really bright.  I used three coats plus top coat for the swatch.

laqchristmassnowfall3 laqchristmassnowfall2

Next up is Merry & Bright which is a raspberry toned jelly polish with holographic micro glitter and shimmer as well as a mix of bar, square and hex glitters.


The formula on this polish is really smooth and very easy to apply.  I love that this has a coloured base so that it is opaque on it’s own and the colour really makes it look like a jam sandwich (in a good way).  I used two coats plus top coat for the swatch.

laqmerryandbright3 laqmerryandbright2

This is another of my favourites in the collection.  Peppermint Twist is a white crelly base polish with red and green matte micro glitter.


The formula on this polish was similar to Christmas Snowfall, a little thick but still easy to apply.  For some reason, I expected this one to be scented but, don’t worry, it’s not.  I love the mix of the holiday colours… perfect for Christmas!  This is three coats plus top coat.

laqpepperminttwist3 laqpepperminttwist2

Next is Reindeer Games which is a red jelly polish with a crazy glitter mix.  Lots of circles, square, hexes and bars in every colour imaginable, including holographic gold.


The formula on this polish was a little harder to manage because of the heavy glitter mix.  Sadly, I didn’t appreciate the end result on my nails either because some of the larger glitter pieces made for bumpy nails, a pet peeve of mine.  I used three coats plus top coat for the swatch.

laqreindeergames3 laqreindeergames2

Last up in the collection is Winter Wishes which is a light blue jelly polish with lots of bright blue shimmer as well as neon blue and navy blue hex glitters.


The formula on this polish was a little sheer but easy to build up.  I love the colour of this even though it is a little cool for my skin tone, it still made me happy… such a bright colour for such a dreary season.  This is three coats plus top coat.

laqwinterwishes3 laqwinterwishes2

Overall, I love this collection!  I think that it is bang on what I would want for a Christmas/Holiday collection with lots of red, green and white and then a mix of everything else.

Laquerlicious is available online through their website for $8 per bottle.


THANK YOU Giveaway

I don’t normally do cross-over posts from my YouTube channel because I always figure bloggers and bloggers and vloggers are vloggers but we all have an intense love of nail polish so this seemed worth the jump!

This month I reached a new milestone on my channel, 7,000 subscribers, and to THANK all of my amazing viewers, I wanted to celebrate with a giveaway full of products that you are sure to love!

Head on over and enter the giveaway… you won’t regret it!


Butter London | Two Fingered Salute

Hello my friends!  We are in for our first blast of winter tomorrow with about 5 cm of snow forecasted.  Chances are that we will get none at all but hey, it’s still exciting to think that we might!  Anyone else think that the best job in the world is a weather man/woman?  Do you ever have to be right?

Today I have a gem of a polish and one that is really precious to me because Jen, from The PolishAholic, offered to help me out and picked it up for me.  We had been chatting about it during a #nailglossip session and she messaged me afterwards and offered to be my ‘mule’.


Two Fingered Salute by Butter London is a dusty sage green with tonnes of copper shimmer.

twofingeredsalute3 twofingeredsalute2

The formula on this polish is pristine… super creamy and very easy to apply and layer.  For being as shimmer dense as this polish is, it still applied very smooth and those shimmers are not shy at all!  It does tend to dry with a semi-matte finish so you may want to get a good glossy top coat.  I used two coats plus top coat for my swatches.

 Butter London is available at Sephora and some of the major department stores.  You can also purchase them online via their website for $14 – $17 per bottle.


Superchic Lacquer | Frozen & Flurrious Collection

Happy Monday!  Another weekend flew by but I am so happy to report that after much aggravation, our new tree has arrived and is up, decorated and beautiful!  Bowser is also not as into climbing it as he was last year so that is a total win in my books!

Today I have a review of an entire collection from an indie brand that is quickly moving up the ranks as one of my faves!  SuperChic Lacquer is releasing their winter collection, called Frozen and Flurrious, today and I wanted to show you the seven polishes described as “duo chrome flash shimmers” and “icy holos”.

First up is Liquid Nitro Queen which is described by the creator as “a cool wintry lavender base with a strong contrasting flash of green shimmer-chrome, packed full of icy multi-faceted holographic effects”.


The formula on this was very smooth and easy to apply.  A little sheer so I used three coats but this polish layers very nicely.  It seems to pull more blue than lavender on my skin tone but I am IN LOVE with it… so gorgeous and the holo looks like sparks of lights from within!

liquidnitroqueen2 liquidnitroqueen3

Next up is Chillin’ With My Sister which is described as “a stark lush neon pink base with contrasting blue shimmer-chrome flash, loaded with icy multi-faceted holographic effects.”


The formula on this one was again, a little sheer but very easy to build.  I used three coats and had no issues with application.  This one was an instant stand-out fave for me and I am in love with the brightness of the pink and the subtle blue flash!

chillinwithmysister2 chillinwithmysister3

This is Cool Hands Warm Hugs and is described by SuperChic Lacquer as “a lush blue-turquoise base with strong fiery violet shimmer-chrome and icy multi-faceted holographic effects.”


The formula on this was more sheer than the others and I wasn’t able to get rid of the visible nail line (VNL) in three coats but it definitely is more apparent in the pictures than it was in real life.  I absolutely loved the flash in this one… that pink is out of this world bright and even in non-natural light, I was able to see it and it made the polish seem alive!

coolhandswarmhugs3 ccolhandswarmhugs2

Next up is Ice Rageous which is described as “vibrant retro ‘Santa Red’ base with subtle copper shimmer, and loaded with icy multi-faceted scattered holographic effects”


The formula on this polish was definitely the most opaque of the collection and I only ended up needing two coats to achieve full opacity.  However, I also found it to be my least favourite as it seemed to have less of the holo effects and duo chrome flash that the others had.  Still, a gorgeous Christmas red.

icerageous3 icerageous2

My favourite named polish of the collection is Royal Pain In The Ice which is described as “a deep lush royal blue base with a vibrant contrasting green shimmer-chrome flash and strong multi-faceted holographic effects.”


Again, a slightly sheer formula but the VNL was more obvious in the pictures.  I used three coats and they were very smooth and easy to build.  The duo chrome flash is less noticeable because of the similarity in colour but the holo shimmer is simply STUNNING!

royalpainintheice3 royalpainintheice2

Another amazingly named polish is Mmm, Chocolate Snocaps which is described as “a semi sweet dark chocolate base with a flash of cool blue shimmer-chrome and chocked full of icy multi-faceted holographic effects.”


I seriously get hungry looking at this polish!  The formula was very nice and opaque in three coats.  That blue flash against the brown background is so bright and vibrant and the contrast in the two colours is amazing.  This is one sparkly gem of a polish (even if you aren’t a brown wearing like me).

mmmchocolatesnocaps3 mmmchocolatesnocaps2

The last polish in the collection is Stoked & Cloaked For The Bifrost (can someone explain this name to me?) which is described as “a lush vibrant raspberry-purple base with contrasting cool blue chrome, copper shimmer and packed with multi-faceted holographic effects.”


I expected this one to be sheer like Royal Pain In The Ice but was pleasantly surprised that, while needing the three coats, I was not able to see my VNL at all.  This is another stunner of a polish and the holo sparkle is amazing!  I ended up leaving this baby on and my husband is so sick of me sticking my fingers in his face!  He now knows the definition of holo shimmer!

stokedandcloakedforthebifrost3 stokedandcloakedforthebifrost2

Overall, an amazing collection and I would recommend heading over to SuperChic Lacquer today for her launch of this collection and picking up your faves.  My top picks are Chillin’ With My Sister, Stoked & Cloaked For The Bifrost and Liquid Nitro Queen.

The Frozen & Flurrious collection will be released today, December 8th, at 4:00pm PST (7:00pm EST) on the SuperChic Lacquer Etsy website.  Polishes are $12 per bottle.


Illamasqua | Facet

Happy Hump Day!  The days seem to be flying by this week (not that I am complaining) and I am having a hard time grasping how fast Christmas will be here.

Today I have a polish that came from overseas because, for some reason, Illamasqua has disappeared from all of the stores around here.  It used to be that the polishes (and possibly the makeup) were available in Sephora and The Bay, but they have since been removed and you now have to head to the Illamasqua website to grab any that interest you.


Facet by Illamasqua is described on the website as a ‘grey crystal’ but I would say that it is more of a blue-grey cream with a strong golden shimmer.

facet2 facet3

The formula on this polish is amazing!  Almost a one-coater and so smooth and buttery.  It makes me realize that I should have been spending more time (and yes, money) on these while they were easily available.  I used two coats plus top coat for the swatch.

Illamasqua is available online through their website for £14.50 per bottle.