Nails 101 | Bubble White Review


Happy Halloween!!  It’s the day of scares and chills and of course all sorts of yummy candy!  We carved our pumpkins last night and in my efforts to create the coolest Jack-o-Lantern, I lost a nail!  Not the whole nail, but the patch I was nursing gave way and as a result, my Halloween manicure is more scary for the length of my nubs than the polish itself.  BOO! indeed.

Today is the second post in my ‘Nails 101′ series where I share tip and tricks on taking care of your nails, simple nail art and reviews on nail care items


This past weekend, I made a trip to Sally Beauty Supply with an actual mission in mind (that is rarer than you would think).  I wanted to purchase a tub of Bubble White and a manicure bowl so I could, hopefully, have some brighter and whiter nails! Bubble White is made by OrigiNails and is a 5-minute effervescent nail cleanser.

  Being a hardcore nail painter, I don’t so much mind that I have yellow stained nail beds because I am always wearing a polish of some sort.  However, it would be nice to have a way of ridding my nails of those stains should I want to go nekkid at some point in the future.


The Bubble White is super easy to use.  You want to start with clean nails, so remove all your polish and give your nails a nice wash with some soap.  Simply fill your manicure bowl with 1/3 cup of warm water (not hot) and add a full scoop of Bubble White (the scoop in contained inside the product).  Rest your nails inside the water for 5-minutes.

Once the time is up, you can remove your nails from the water and then use a nail brush to gently brush any of the loose dirt from your nails.


For heavier stained nails, it is recommended that you do this a few times to remove all staining so you aren’t set up to expect miracles in just one use.


Overall, I don’t know if my nails were considered heavily stained but I can definitely see results after only 5-minutes of treatment.  While the nails are not, what I would consider, white, they are less stained and I think another treatment or two would have them back to a nice sparkly white.  I am definitely glad that I opted to purchase a tub so I would have more to use in the future and would recommend that any heavy polish users do the same.  A single packet would be awesome for your travel bag but otherwise, I don’t see the value.

Bubble White is available for purchase at Sally Beauty Supply.  You can get it in both a tub for $9.99 or single use packets for $1.99 per packet.


China Glaze | Apocalypse Collection

Happy Hump Day!!  The weather this week is crazy weird… yesterday was almost 20 degrees (Celsius) and today it’s only going to be 9 degrees!  There is also a change of snow/flurries on Friday just in time for Trick-or-Treating?!?!  ARE YOU SERIOUS… UGH!  I do remember Halloween’s when I was little where I would have to wear my snowsuit under my costume but it’s been a long time since that would ever come up!

While on the Halloween train, today I am showing you two of the China Glaze Apocalypse collection that I picked up.  I had seen a number of reviews on these polishes and wasn’t blown away but as the holiday neared, I had to bite the bullet and grab some… like I said on Monday, China Glaze releases some of the best mainstream Halloween collections so I didn’t want to regret skipping this years.

First up is I Love Your Guts which is a magenta pink shimmery/matte base (I can’t quite figure out what makes up this base as it isn’t cream but its not glitter) with a bunch of black matte micro glitter.


The formula of this polish was crap!  Yep… total crap.  It was thick and hard to apply because it dried so stinking fast that even using the three stroke method, I was pulling polish off my nail before I could finish.  I thin you could get away with one coat but I opted for two and the second coat seemed to smooth everything out.

iloveyourguts3 iloveyourguts2

The other polish that I picked up is But of Corpse which is the green version of I Love Your Guts.  The base is a green shimmer/matte and it is filled with the same black matte micro glitters.


The formula on this polish was, if possible, almost worse than I Love Your Guts.  The first layer applied really streaky and also had the issue with drying too fast but it also seemed to crackle as it dried (you can actually see that in the macro below).  I used two coats to attempt a cover-up and it just resulted in a bumpy nail.

butofcorpse3 butofcorpse2

Overall, I am really disappointed in these two polishes.  The look, at the end of the day, is really cool and I wish that the formula had been worth it but I honestly can’t see myself picking either of these up again.  I am undecided if these are actually meant to be worn as the matte finish or if a glossy topcoat would have been nice but I just didn’t have it in me to fight with the polish any more.

China Glaze is available at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.49 per bottle.  The Apocalypse collection is limited edition so if you are interested in these, you will want to act fast.


Candy Lacquer | Bloody Unicorn

Ever have a manicure that literally POPS off your nails?  I painted my nails last night and during, and after, my shower this morning, full nails worth of polish were popping off like it was a ‘thing’.  In fact, it was so bad that I had to come to work nekkid… yep, I am feeling all sorts of odd right now.

Today, I am continuing my Halloween polish theme and showing you one of the new Candy Lacquer polishes that I picked up this season.  Her entire Halloween collection is glow-in-the-dark and I ended up picking up four of them.


Bloody Unicorn by Candy Lacquer is a glitter mix in a light pink jelly base.  The glitters are red, yellow, orange, pink and blue hex and circle glitters ranging in size from micro to large.

bloodyunicorn3 bloodyunicorn4

The formula on this polish was a little thick but still easy to apply.  The glitter was dense, which likely attributed to the thickness, so it was easy to get a nice nail full of glitter.  I opted to layer two coats over Parfait Day by Lime Crime.


The glow on this baby was intense… I ‘charged’ it for about 30 seconds using my daylight bulbs and it was super bright.  I also noticed that the nails were glowing all night long as my loving cat, Bowser, was attacking my digits like it was his job!

Candy Lacquer is available through their website for $9.50 per bottle.  Her collections tend to disappear so if you are interested, scoop them up before they are gone forever!


China Glaze | It’s Alive

Did you watch The Walking Dead last night?  My abs were so sore and tense throughout the entire episode… O.M.G!  I can’t get over the awesomeness of this show and am already on the countdown for next Sunday!

Today, as we countdown to Halloween on Friday, I am showing off a perfectly eerie polish from China Glaze, who in my opinion, has the best mainstream Halloween collections.


It’s Alive by China Glaze is a murky olive green jelly base polish loaded with metallic green hexes ranging anywhere from micro shimmer to small glitter.

itsalive3 itsalive2

The formula on this polish is really nice… easily opaque in three coats and so smooth.  It did dry to a satin-matte finish so I added a top coat for the ultimate glossy look.  This polish was released in the Haunting Halloween collection in 2011 so is unfortunately not available in stores but I did scoop this bottle up on Amazon for not too high of a price tag… if you are interested!  I think the colour and finish and perfectly creepy for Halloween!

China Glaze can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for $6.49 per bottle.


KB Shimmer | Kiss and Spell

Happy Friday… it’s the most wonderful day of the week!  I am riding the hormonal roller-coaster today but nothing that a little Advil and coffee can’t fix!

Today I have a late post… yep, I have had this polish in my collection now for well over a month and can’t believe that I haven’t shown it before now.  KB Shimmer releases some of my favourite collections of the year and while she/they don’t ship outside of the United States, I am able to pick up all my wants (needs) through Harlow & Co.


Kiss and Spell by KB Shimmer is a spook-tastic glitter topper filled with black, yellow, green, orange and purple glitters in circles, hexes and stars.

kbkissandspell2 kbkissandspell3

The formula on this polish is really nice and easy to use.  I layered two coats over Highlight by Orly and had no issues grabbing stars and the base was nicely balanced with the glitter.  These colours are so awesome for Halloween and for some reason, add in a neon green glitter and I am over-the-moon excited.  You could easily layer this over any type of base but I saw it over How You Dune? by KB Shimmer and looooove the nude base!

KB Shimmer polish is available through their website if you are in the US for $8.75 per bottle.  If you are in Canada (or anywhere else in the world) you can purchase them through Harlow & Co for $9.00 per bottle.


Loaded Lacquer | Fall Duo

I’m in shock over everything that happened in Ottawa yesterday and still can’t believe that things I was watching and things that I was hearing were taking place in Canada.  It’s amazing how soon your safety and your security can feel like it’s gone out the window and you realize that things can happen in moments.

Press Sample

All serious things aside, today I am bringing you a duo from one of my fave indie makers, Loaded Lacquer.  At the beginning of the season, Heather released two polishes that she dubbed her ‘fall duo’ and the duo includes a ‘Jiggle‘ polish and a glitter topper.


Rusted Pumpkin is a burnt orange jelly polish.  This one is one of the more sheer Jiggles that Heather has made and I used three coats for the swatch and as you can see, the nail in still visible through the polish.  It was a little on the thicker side but easy to apply and easy to build-up.


Dark Chocolate Truffle is a glitter topper with gold, black and a reddish brown hex glitter in a clear base.  The glitter sizes range from micro to medium.

lldarkchocolatetruffle2 lldarkchocolatetruffle3

The formula on this polish is great.  It is, as I have come to love about the Loaded Lacquer polishes, nicely dense but easy to apply onto the nail.  I used two coats over Rusted Pumpkin for the swatch and found the ratio of glitter to base was good.

Overall, the duo is a really nice set of fall polishes and I don’t have anything like either in my collection.  I think if you can, you should be adding both to yours.

Loaded Lacquer can be purchased on their website and are $10 per bottle.  She sells out very quickly so make sure you are up-to-date on her restocks by checking that page.

Press Sample


OPI | Halloween 2014 (Peanuts collection)

My brain is on creep-overload… I believe I may have been watching/reading all things scary a little too much lately because my house was making way too many noises that scared the bee-jeesus out of me last night!  YIKES

Partial Press Sample

Today I have the OPI 2014 Halloween collection which grabbed me more for the theme and less for the ‘Halloween’ aspect.  I grew up on watching ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ and ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ so when OPI paired with Peanuts to produce a nail polish collection and you can bet your bottom dollar that I am ALL over it!


I picked up the mini set of these (and was sent one full size for review) because I had an Amazon gift card and it worked better that way but can we just talk about how annoying the OPI mini polishes are?  UGH… hate them!  The collection is made up of two creams and two glitters.

First up in the collection is Good Grief! which is a golden yellow creme with near invisible shimmer.  The formula was really nice and I was able to get it opaque in two thicker coats with minimal streakiness. (does it not look like I have giant hands in these pictures?)  The shimmer is really only visible in the bottle under direct light and almost invisible on the nail.


Next up is Where’s My Blanket? which is a glitter topper with black, pale yellow and peach (pale orange?!) medium hex glitters and a black micro glitter.


The formula on this glitter is great.  I used one coat on top of Good Grief! and had no issues grabbing the glitters nor was it base heavy.  This is, by far, my favourite of the collection so I was really happy to receive it as a press sample in full size.

cbwheresmyblanket3 cbwheresmyblanket2

Third in the collection is Who Are You Calling Bossy?!? which is a black creme.  I don’t have Black Onyx by OPI so I can’t compare but I had no issues with application and it was nicely opaque in two coats.


The last polish is To Be or Not To Beagle which is the second glitter topper with red, blue, turquoise, green and pink medium hex glitters and matte black micro glitter and micro bar glitter.


Just like Where’s My Blanket?, the formula on this polish was great.  I used one coat over Good Grief! and again, had no issues with glitter application or base overload.  This one seems the most versatile in the collection because of the crazy glitter colours… it would work over so many bases.

cbtobeagleornottobeagle3 cbtobeagleornottobeagle2

With the mini set, there was also a sheet of nail stickers all in the Charlie Brown theme and I am really looking forward to using these for some easy nail art.


OPI is available at most professional salons, including Sally Beauty Supply, for $9 per bottle.  The Peanuts Halloween collection is limited edition and I purchased the mini set on Amazon for $9.

Partial Press Sample