China Glaze | Choo-Choo Choose You

10 years ago today I married the love of my life… my best friend!  I can’t believe that 10 years have gone by and when I look back, I remember it with love and laughter… who could ask for anything more than that!

As if mother nature was giving us a present, she turned our humidity into a wonderful cool breeze and I actually turned off the A/C and opened the windows wide.  It felt like a beautiful, sunny fall day so what better to wear on my nails than a polish from the newest China Glaze fall collection, All Aboard.


Choo-Choo Choose You by China Glaze is a purple(y) taupe(y) brown(y) base with a copper/olive green shimmer… it may be possible to class this as a duochrome but I think it’s just a gorgeous shimmer polish.  You know the type of polish that makes you stare at your nails?  Well, this is one of them.

choochoo2 choochoo3

The formula on this polish is really nice.  It is definitely a good two to three coat polish as it is a bit shear on the first coat but evens out really nicely on the second.  

I am not normally a sucker for the more neutral toned polishes but for some reason this collection really called out to me and I ended up picking up two of the more ‘neutral/brown’ colours and I really loved the whole line… I tried to stick to the 5 best (hoard much?!).  Stay tuned for the rest of the swatches coming soon.

The China Glaze All Aboard collection is available at Sally Beauty Supply and is $6 per bottle.



Rainbow Honey | Modern Hearts & 488nm

It may only be the middle of August but last night I went into Sally Beauty Supply and picked up 5 of the new China Glaze fall nail polishes!  I am soooo ready for the fall and winter seasons to start but at the same time, don’t really want to wish away the year… know what I mean?

Even though I picked up a bunch of fall colours, I still had to bust out one of my summery polishes because there are certain polishes that just don’t work in the winter.  I received my Rainbow Honey Mystery Box for August in the mail this week and thought it was the perfect time to share the polishes.


Modern Hearts by Rainbow Honey is a clear based polish with hot pink, fuschia and tangerine orange hex medium and large hex glitters as well as small white glitters and heart shaped glitters.

488nm by Rainbow Honey is a brighter blue (azure according to the pamphlet) cream polish that isn’t due out until 2015.

I’m not sure I would have normally paired these two polishes together but seeing as they came together, I thought I would give it a shot and I really like the result.

 modernhearts2 modernhearts3

The formula on Modern Hearts was really nice.  For such a chunky glitter, I was expecting that I would have to do a number of coats to achieve a decent coverage but I was pleasantly surprised that I got this much glitter in only two coats.  If you want hearts, however, be prepared to fish because out of 10 nails (20 coats) of polish, I only pulled out TWO white hearts and of those, only one was actually a full heart shape (not the picture above).

The formula on 488nm (base colour) was perfect.  I applied two coats because the first was a little patchy but everything evened out really nicely on the second coat.  At this point, I am still wearing the mani so I can’t say whether it’s a stainer but I am crossing all the fingers and toes hoping that it’s not.

Rainbow Honey polishes are available online via their website or on Nail Polish Canada.  If you are interested in their Mystery Box, check out the link on their website

KB Shimmer | Scribble Me This

It’s raining! It’s pouring!  

Today is a day that umbrellas and rain boots are required so of course I pulled out my flip flops, as per normal, and did my hair this morning… OY!  Leave it to me to break down all the barriers to rainy day fashion.

Even though it is raining out, I am sharing a super bright glitter with you today because, after all, it is still summer so I am trying to get the most out of it.  Lately I have been craving the fall and with the start of all the fall collections coming out, it’s really hard to remember that we still have the full month of August to get through before I can turn off the A/C and start burning my candles again!


Scribble Me This by KB Shimmer is clear based glitter with large hot pink hexes, medium purple, blue and lime green hexes and triangles and then a bunch of black glitters in random shapes and sizes.  I love glitters that look like a party on your nails and this one made me smile just looking at it so it definitely fits the bill!


The formula on Scribble Me This is amazing… I only needed one coat (ONE) for the coverage in the swatch above and I got all sorts of glitters in each of the colours and sizes.  There was no fishing and the base to glitter ratio was just bang on… no complaints about this one at all.

KB Shimmer is available online (US only) or at Harlow & Co (International) and is $8 per bottle.

KB Shimmer | Hexy Bikini

Happy Monday!  Did anyone catch that marathon of a baseball game last night?  My boys were actually at the game but left when the Blue Jays were losing at the bottom of the 6th inning.  Six hours after the first pitch and in the bottom of the 19th, the Jays finally won!  WAHOO

In totally unrelated manicures, today I have one of the most awesome micro glitter polishes to share with you.  I purchased this last week when Harlow & Co came out with the 6th Anniversary collection polishes by KB Shimmer were released.


Hexy Bikini by KB Shimmer a textured clear based polish with a ton of silver, hot pink and turquoise hex glitters of varying sizes.  Have you ever worn a polish that makes you stare like a crazy person at your nails?!  Yep, this one does that.


This polish is meant to be a textured polish and without a topcoat definitely has the grit you would come to expect with the textured polishes but I didn’t find it too offensive.  With two coats of topcoat (I used Seche Vite as it is slightly thicker), the polish was fairly smooth.  For the swatch above, I used two coats and had no issues with application.  The formula is slightly thicker than a cream polish or a standard glitter but that didn’t create any problems.

KB Shimmer polishes are available online (in the US) or from Harlow & Co (International) and $8 a bottle.

Loaded Lacquer | Tornado in a Trailer Park

Have you ever had the weather dictate what you wear on your nails?  Well, yesterday there was a ‘Weather Warning’ for my area and it was for the change of funnel clouds… yep, my ultimate fear because I am an odd ball!

Looking through my collection, I knew I wanted a glitter topper and you may notice a trend, most of my glitters are from indie sellers and my most talked about seller is (drum roll) Loaded Lacquer.


Tornado in a Trailer Park by Loaded Lacquer is a glitter topper that is almost indescribable in the best way possible.  There are so many glitter shapes and colours and sizes in this that it would take me forever to list them all so just take a look at the macro to see what this could look like on your nails.  The name kills me because I imagine looking into the disaster zone after a tornado and this is what you would see on the micro level!


The formula on this polish is great… there is so much glitter that you really only need one dip into the polish to get a good coverage.  If you are looking for a specific shape, you may have to do some fishing because I did all 10 nails and never pulled out a heart but I was not disappointed with the way the mani turned out.  I chose Mitzi by Zoya  because everyone knows (or maybe it’s just me) that the sky will turn green before a tornado!

Loaded Lacquer is available online and is $10 per bottle.  Make sure you check the Restock page so you know when is the best time to snag your fave polishes!

China Glaze | Fancy Pants

Who is getting excited for the LONG weekend?  I love long weekends and actually try to book some extra time off around them so they are even longer than normal!  This August we are going to spend some time lighting off fireworks that have been stored in our garage since Canada Day as we were unable to get together with family to celebrate at that time!

I’m still feeling the deeper colours of fall this week, even though our air conditioner is still on because I have serious fears of a warm bedroom at night, so opted for another deeper shade of polish.


Fancy Pants by China Glaze is a mid-toned purple that tends to lean a little more royal with a ton of fuchsia shimmer.  I hate wishing the year away but on days that I can pull out a sweatshirt to pair with my flip flops, I am a super happy camper and this colour seems to match the two seasons perfectly!


The formula on this polish is very easy and nice to work with.  For all but one small little pinky finger, I used two coats and was able to get the polish fully opaque.  Sadly, within 24 hours, this polish was already chipping like nobody’s business… a typical issue that I have with China Glaze polishes.

China Glaze can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply or online at many different e-tailers and cost between $3.50 and $6 a bottle depending on where you purchase.

Pipe Dream Polish | Empyrean

Well, I just heard the LONG term forecast for the month of August on tonights news and it looks like our summer is going to be less than stellar.  Much cooler and much wetter than normal and to tell you the truth, I have already started craving the fall season so I think I am okay with this news.

Today, to celebrate the upcoming weather forecast, I chose a very deep and dark vampy polish but of course you know that I can’t let everything go and I made sure there was lots of sparkle and shimmer to go along with it… a little bit like stars in the night sky.


Empyrean by Pipe Dream Polish is a deep charcoal (likely black) jelly base with a ton, and I mean a TON, of pink, purple and holographic shimmer of varying sizes.  When I mentioned earlier that it was like the stars in the night sky, I wasn’t kidding… this polish hits all my intergalactic nerd radars and I fell in love at first swatch.


This polish has a killer formula.  On first coat, the jelly is very shear but there is so much sparkle that with each additional layer, the shimmer just seems to swim and you can see so much depth.  That jelly base also darkens to an almost opaque black in three coats (as shown in the swatches).  The formula is thick enough that it is easy to apply without being so thick that it takes forever to dry.

Pipe Dream Polish is available online and is $8 a bottle (for most formulas)